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Real Digital Media Announces On-Demand Feature for NEOCAST Digital Signage Platform

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Real Digital Media logoNew interactive feature allows digital signage operators to pre-populate NEOCAST® Media Players with content accessible on-demand via remote and menu system

Real Digital Media (RDM), a leading provider of next generation digital signage products for establishing point-of-purchase marketing, promotions and corporate communication networks, today announced a new on-demand feature for digital signage network operators. This is the latest feature released for Real Digital Media’s NEOCAST® digital signage platform.

Using a simple, remote control device with a tiny receiver connected via USB, NEOCAST® clients are now able to instantly suspend a running playlist, jump to a menu screen, scroll up and down to select a desired menu item and have that selected item start playing instantaneously. While the selected media is playing, the remote operates like a DVR controller, allowing the user to pause, forward and rewind to sections or return to the main menu to choose additional content or return to regular programming. The content for the on-demand feature can be pre-populated across a network, group of players or individual players using the centralized, NEOCAST® Media Server software.

“This interactive application has obvious benefits for training, corporate communications, on-floor sales presentations and internal messaging,” said Michael Baron, president of Real Digital Media. “CEOs can have key messages presented to assembled staff at designated times, special promotions and merchandising strategies can be introduced on the retail floor to educate and train sales representatives, and service providers can receive continuing education training at their offices. The options for the feature are limitless, and add another layer of flexibility and usability to our NEOCAST® digital signage platform.”

The first client to use this feature will be c3ms, network operator for the NobelVision™ Network sponsored by Nobel Biocare. Dentists participating in the network will leverage the on-demand feature for continuing education training, which will eliminate expensive offsite training sessions and travel. Furthermore, representatives for Nobel Biocare will have the option to leverage the feature to introduce new programs and products, as well as train dentists during seminars right in the dental offices.

Ray Heiser, Managing Partner of c3ms, adds, “The first implementation of this on-demand feature for our network will be to offer clinician training, communication and continuing education to dentists participating in the NobelVision™ Network. The delivery of these programs will mitigate travel time and cost to the dental practitioner, provide manufacturers with a virtual representative in the practice, and streamline the delivery of these programs for the dental practices and manufacturers alike. The on-demand feature gives us one more tool to deliver high impact, quality content that delivers real value to our viewers.”

Real Digital Media envisions the on-demand feature becoming a critical component of a majority of current and future digital signage network implementations. The specification for the new feature was based upon a customer driven use case, and then extended to meet the requirements of other network environments powered by NEOCAST®. The result of this partnering approach is a highly flexible and usable feature for the digital signage marketplace.

About Real Digital Media
Real Digital Media (RDM) provides next generation digital signage products and integrated services for establishing point-of-purchase marketing, advertising and corporate communication networks.

Our family of NEOCAST® digital signage products store, deliver and play content in a wide range of digital formats on a variety of display devices. With NEOCAST® players and software, your customized content and programming can scale across entire narrowcast networks down to individual displays, providing ultimate flexibility in reaching customers with your targeted messaging at the right place, at the right time. For more information, please visit us at

About Creative Marketing and Merchandising Media Solutions (c3ms)
Creative Marketing and Merchandising Media Solutions, c3ms, is a customized creative solution company that provides dynamic digital signage networks – the next generation of point of purchase advertising. c3ms offers health and dental customers an end-to-end solution that includes creative content development, equipment design and installation, creation, distribution and management of content and advertising placement contracts. The company has core expertise in developing creative messaging and content that produces measurable results for customers. Its solutions are flexible, scalable and tailored to each customer’s business needs. Founded in 2005, c3ms is headquartered in Camas, Washington, with a regional office in Los Angeles.

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