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SeeSaw Networks Helps Marketers Pump Up “Back to School” Campaigns

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SeeSaw Networks_logoCustomized Place-based Digital Media Plans Drive Demand with College Students and Moms

SeeSaw Networks, a media company offering the most extensive network of place-based digital video advertising, today rolled out a set of place-based digital media plans focused on driving shopper demand for “Back to School” campaigns targeting the needs of more than 75 million students nationwide, including advertising to reach 18-24 year old college students. The customizable media plans leverage the most extensive selection of place-based digital networks in the industry to reach moms shopping for their children in over 200 media markets, or to reach over 60% of the nation’s 18 million college students on and around more than 600 college campuses. The media plans include creative services that allow advertisers to leverage existing digital assets from television, web or print advertising to quickly and cost effectively develop high impact creative optimized for their “Back to School” place-based digital video campaigns.

The back to school season is second only to holiday shopping in the amount of revenue generated for retailers (Source: U.S. Census Bureau). And, the youth market has long been a strategic target for many advertisers as it represents the critical life stage when businesses can capture and create lifelong customers. With the explosive growth of place-based digital networks, college students report that place-based digital advertising is more unique, entertaining and less annoying than traditional media, and moms rank place-based digital advertising as the number one way to capture their attention (Source: OTX Digital Out-of-Home Media Awareness and Attitude Study).

“Back to school is a ritual for families with children and college students during which they open the door to a broad array of new products and services, ranging from apparel to computers to financial services,” said Peter Bowen, CEO, SeeSaw Networks. “Place-based digital video advertising has truly revolutionized the way companies can behaviorally target and interact with this highly attractive consumer audience when they are actively in the market to buy.”

The unique methodology behind SeeSaw’s “Back to School” media plans enable companies to intercept college students or moms with kids by mapping their behaviors and routines with place-based touch points on their path to purchase. This allows advertisers to build the perception of brand ubiquity or to drive consideration and brand preference while increasing the likelihood of reaching both students and their parents when they are in the market for new products and services. The media plans are custom-built with agencies and advertisers based on the specific marketing objectives of a campaign, and the behavioral profiles and life patterns of the target audience. For example:

Targeting College Students on Campus to Drives Sales
A recent digital video campaign on SeeSaw’s network targeting young women on college campuses for a youth-oriented retailer resulted in a significant sales lift for a specific product line in the markets where the campaign ran. (Source: retailer sales data). SeeSaw has extended its reach onto college campuses to over 10 million college students across 600 colleges and universities in student unions, recreation centers, dorm rooms and college bookstores.

Localized National Advertising Campaigns to Build Brand Awareness
Place-based digital media allows advertisers to customize national advertising campaigns with localized messaging, promotions and offers. A recent campaign from a telecommunications leader targeting mobile consumers to drive demand for a new service in over 1,000 specific zip codes where the new service was being offered resulted in 59% of the target consumers reporting that they were interested in learning more about the new service. (Source: Edison Media Research, 2008). Whether it’s retailers promoting new store openings and local sales, telecommunications providers advertising new pricing and promotions in specific zip codes or financial services companies promoting student checking accounts at locations around college campuses, place-based digital advertising campaigns can be created to deliver highly relevant, localized campaigns with national scale.

Interactive Marketing Campaigns with Direct Response
Combining the highly targeted message delivery capability of place-based digital advertising with the interactive capabilities of text messaging provides advertisers with a powerful way to deliver a compelling brand message and make it interactive. Integrating a text messaging call to action for promotional offers, treasure hunts, requests for information, games, etc. engages youth and drives action. Retailers advertising on SeeSaw’s network have effectively integrated text messaging with coupon offers to drive traffic to new store openings and seasonal sales events for both regional and national campaigns across multiple types of place-based digital networks.

SeeSaw’s customized “Back to School” media plans also include creative services that allow advertisers to quickly and cost effectively deliver highly customized creative that delivers contextually relevant messaging in specific places using existing digital assets. By slightly modifying the creative, a central brand message can be effectively communicated across multiple venues in different contextual situations for maximum effect. For example, a retailer looking to drive back to school sales can provide a specific store location near a given set of venues in a localized manner while maintaining the core message of a national campaign.

About SeeSaw Networks

SeeSaw Networks provides unparalleled media planning and buying technology for place-based digital video advertising. Through its national network, SeeSaw delivers advertising in places where people go in their daily lives – places like gas stations, coffee shops, grocery stores and health clubs. SeeSaw reaches more people in more places than any other digital video network. Combining over 50 digital signage networks across 30 different types of locations, SeeSaw is the most extensive national digital video network currently in 26,000 venues nationally and growing. SeeSaw delivers over 50 million weekly gross impressions – more than primetime TV spots at a fraction of the cost. SeeSaw’s campaign planning and optimization platform,, enables agencies to easily plan, buy and measure place-based digital video advertising. Using, agencies and networks can customize campaigns across different venues, markets and demographics with unprecedented precision. With SeeSaw, advertisers can intercept people in their daily life patterns where they work, play and socialize.

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