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Mediatile_logoROM Methodology Empowers Communication Professionals to Better Engage Employees

The MediaTile Company, a world-leading provider of cellular digital signage solutions, today announced that it will offer a custom version of its “Return On Message™” (ROM) Methodology for Corporate Communication Professionals running digital signage networks across their facilities. The “ROM Methodology for CorpComm” will empower business communication professionals and enable them to better engage and influence employees. Based on best practices established by the independent Digital Signage Association®, it delivers a standards-based system that will guide communicators through the complex variables which must be considered for successful digital signage deployment.

“We’re empowering a whole new generation of communication professionals to better manage crisis situations, improve accountability, and engage employees continuously throughout their workday,” said Roger Sanford, Executive Producer and VP of MediaServices for The MediaTile Company. “Using ROM for CorpComm, companies can now easily define and implement a highly-effective internal communications strategy.

he announcement was made concurrent with the 2009 IABC World Conference in San Francisco where the company is demonstrating the MediaTile Digital Sign in a Box™ platform, and its Mediacast SaaS-based content delivery and management service to corporate communication professionals. In recent years, MediaTile’s cellular and Saas-based solution has become very popular with enterprise-class customers for dramatically simplifying the deployment and operation of company-wide networks. With its built-in cellular broadband Internet support, the all-in-one solution eliminates the need for on-site IT networking support and services. The system can be deployed virtually anywhere, and can be easily controlled from a web-browser.

The ROM System is a process methodology that shows the critical difference between status quo communications and a highly optimized digital signage network. MediaTile’s Return On Message Methodology answers the fundamental question of how to effectively measure and improve the impact of digital signage for corporate communicators. The resulting ROM Report includes a “ROM Content Index”, which is built on core elements as defined by the Digital Signage Association’s Content Best Practices Committee. These include more than 50 key variables in seven categories: Content, Relevancy, Interaction, Schedule, Placement, Refresh and Attraction.  A specific ROM Methodology for CorpComm whitepaper will be available July 1st, from, and from MediaTile’s corporate communication blog at

About The MediaTile Company

The World’s First Provider of Cellular Digital Signage(SM)
MediaTile is a worldwide supplier of award-winning, all-in-one cellular digital signage and kiosk solutions that are remarkably easy-to-deploy and operate.  Just add power to MediaTile Digital Sign in a Box™ or Kiosk in a Box™ systems and use the web-based Mediacast Portal to manage and monitor your advertising, informational or interactive communications network.   Backed by MediaServices, Return on Message Methodology, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and end-to-end service and support, your network will be up and running in record time, with record results.

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