Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Noventri Is Chosen by Lancaster County Convention Center To Provide Digital Signage Solutions

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Noventri logoLancaster County Convention Center has chosen Noventri as their provider of digital signage solutions for wayfinding and entertainment.

Noventri was recently chosen by Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to provide the complex with digital signage technology, installation and management.

The installation will include seven 52-inch LCD screens with content displayed by Noventri SF-3000™ digital signage players. The SF-3000™ is manufactured exclusively by Noventri and provides solid solutions for dependable digital signage deployments.

All of the center’s graphic content for the signage will be created and managed by the Noventri creative team and pushed directly to the players.

The installation is planned to take place in mid June and will be completed by the Noventri installation team at which time the screen content will be up and running for the center.

Noventri has worked closely with Lancaster County Convention Center and is thrilled to have been selected to provide solutions for both wayfinding and entertainment in the complex located at 3 East Vine Street.


Noventri – a Division of Specialized Communications Corp. – Noventri has been a leader in manufacturing, sales, service, installation and content creation and manage of Dynamic Digital Signage since 2004 and its parent company, Specialized Communications Corp, has served the broadcast and professional video industry since 1985. David Linetsky is President, Andrew Hoffman, Vice President and Wil Conklin, Director of Sales and Marketing. Noventri is located at: 20940 Twin Springs Dr., Smithsburg, MD 21783-1510. URL: www.noventri.com

Source: Noventri

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