June 7, 2023


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Omnivex Shows Real Life Examples of How to Make Digital Communications Contextual at InfoComm

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Digital signage software that can deliver relevant messages to targeted audiences

Omnivex Corporation, the premier provider of enterprise-class digital signage software, announced today that it will showcase examples of digital signage applications for industries such as retail, healthcare education, recreation and transportation at the InfoComm Expo in Orlando, June 17-19. Omnivex’s new Moxie software will be on display in booth 2643 to illustrate the potential in digital signage.

“The majority of digital signage systems use a loop of canned content, which doesn’t adjust to real time business conditions or viewer preferences,” says Jeff Collard, president of Omnivex. “By contrast, Omnivex Moxie software responds instantly to current conditions and business rules, in real time. By focusing on information as a strategic asset, the right message can be delivered to the right person, at the right time. The software has the ability to automatically respond to conditions and make changes to content, dramatically reducing operating costs when compared with our competitor’s products.”

Real Omnivex customer examples will be used in the booth to highlight the software’s advanced capabilities. One such example is borrowed from a retail customer, where customers can view side-by-side comparisons of features and pricing for multiple products based on real-time data about the products, which can be unique to one or any number of stores in the digital signage network. Visitors can also see how Moxie’s intelligent reporting solution identifies shopping patterns and customer preferences on a per store basis.

A depiction of how the healthcare industry uses Moxie will also be on display. This solution focuses on delivering real-time information from a variety of sources and turning data into actionable information for healthcare personnel. By combining a visual medium like digital signage with an effective information procurement system, hospitals can leverage existing assets to boost efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase the quality of service delivered.

For those in the transportation, charter and tourism industries, Omnivex will represent how dynamic content can save hours of content creation and updating, eliminate redistribution costs and provide instant updates to increase the value of messages. While the options are endless, current customers use the software to dynamically display content in the various languages based on the city of departure and arrival; trigger content based on where the vehicle is currently located; and wirelessly update travel and weather conditions on moving vehicles with real-time data. Customers can also integrate a crisis response system with emergency messages that can be activated at a moment’s notice on appropriate displays should there be a security, emergency or evacuation alert.

Moxie breaks with industry tradition by allowing intelligent content to automatically respond to current conditions or events. For more information, demonstrations and to see some of the many advantages of deploying Moxie software, visit the Omnivex booth or www.omnivex.com.

About Omnivex Corporation

Founded in 1991 in Toronto, Ontario, Omnivex Corporation is the leader in software development for digital signage networks and electronic displays. Many Fortune 500 companies and public institutions rely on Omnivex to deliver their messages to their audiences. Omnivex software is used to manage all aspects of digital signage networks, including content management, real-time data acquisition and distribution, and remote device monitoring and management. For more information, please visit www.omnivex.com.

Source: http://www.omnivex.com/press/infocomm_2009.asp