June 3, 2023


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NEXCOM New Car PC for Mobile Digital Signage Applications – VTC 2000

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The VTC 2000 is a cost-effective car pc for use in transportation applications. Featuring the low power Intel® Atom™ processor, the VTC 2000 system is housed in an incredibly compact chassis, which incorporates a number of other features which make it suitable for in-vehicle operation such as high availability, a wide operating temperature range and exceptional vibration protection.

The VTC 2000 is fully compliant with most industry standards including the e13 Mark. The integrated power ignition function is a unique feature which differentiates the VTC 2000 from off-the-shelf assembled products.

The GPS is an integrated function of VTC 2000. With expansion capability, the 3.5G, blue tooth, etc., can be added for meeting a wide variety of application requirements.

Typical applications include automated vehicle tracking, driver information systems, in-vehicle digital signage and vehicle dispatch.

Product Overview

• Intel® Atom™ N270 Fan-less Car PC
• Availability of GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/GPS/BT
• e13 Mark Certification
• Power Ignition on/off and Delay-time Control
• Low Voltage Protection
• High Anti-vibration Performance

Source: Nexcom