Thursday, September 28, 2023

Sharaf DG upgrades digital signage network to enhance shopper experience

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Advanced Interactive Media Solutions (AIMS), SCALA Middle East partner and the GCC market leader in digital signage solutions, has announced that it has completed the installation of SCALA 5 software for digital signage networks in several outlets of Sharaf DG, the largest multi-brand electronics and digital products retailer in the UAE.

A pioneer in interactive and experiential marketing, Sharaf DG was the first power retailer to have installed the SCALA digital signs to create attractive, interactive stand-alone screens posted at the entrance and in other high-traffic areas of the stores. Designed to promote Sharaf DG’s wide range of products and services in high traffic areas, these digital signs complement a recent market study that 60 per cent of the buying decision is made after entering the store.

Sharaf DG has recently upgraded to SCALA 5 platform as part of its continuing efforts to enhance customer experience and store environment, while adopting a more advanced, user-friendly technology that improves efficiency and positively impacts its advertising and marketing campaigns. The SCALA digital signage software was initially installed in two Sharaf DG stores. However SCALA 5’s user-friendly and internet-based digital signage solution and its flexibility to use third-party software to further enhance digital content have made Sharaf DG consider its use for its future branches.

SCALA 5 is the next generation of the most widely deployed digital signage software platform in the world. It has been completely re-engineered resulting in the most powerful communication tool ever with the power to inform, educate and motivate viewers and consumers to make better informed buying decisions.

The new content manager enables the repurpose of any available content, and also facilitates organizing, composing and scheduling of content to play anywhere, anytime, and the system reports back on what is being received and displayed. It is designed to link any existing data, creating truly dynamic and relevant content.

The new SCALA digital signage solution enables Sharaf DG to create multiple display content, including promotional offers and other brand messages. The content displayed on the 42 screens in eight stores is created and managed by specially trained Sharaf DG employees, and can now be controlled and distributed through a server located in the head office. The professional services and highly trained technical team of AIMS has helped Sharaf DG build this medium by providing training, technical and design consultation, and continuous network assistance and support.

Nilesh Khalkho, CEO, Sharaf DG, commented, “Introducing SCALA as a means to attract customer attention in our stores had been a significant decision for us at a time when no other retailer in the UAE had even explored the possibilities of using this unique means of communication. We are very pleased with the results so far and hope to see further advancement in this interactive medium so that the end user is benefited even more.”

Ahmed El Ridi, CEO of Advanced Interactive Media Solutions, UAE, said, “The newly deployed digital signage solution provides a powerful platform for Sharaf DG to develop, deploy and control the content of digital signs located at their stores. The SCALA digital signage solution helps create a truly engaging, customer-friendly store environment that is crucial in attracting more shoppers, while enabling Sharaf DG to stand out as a leading innovator and a distinguished brand leader in the electronic retail sector.”

AIMS integrates the power of SCALA content management solutions, internet, interactive displays, mobile applications and communication technologies to develop interactive digital signage solutions for the region. The company also uses advanced audience measurement solutions to maximise the ROI of each campaign and ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

About AIMS:
Advanced Interactive Media Solutions (AIMS) is the GCC market leader in Interactive Digital Campaign creation and management, taking a client’s message from concept, through design, deployment and monitoring. AIMS taps the power of interactive, temporary, standalone Digital Signage Solutions to deliver to advertisers and agencies in the Middle East the most compelling and effective tailor-made campaigns for their target audience. AIMS offers customers the unique proposition of immediate ROI and their full satisfaction by supplementing its advanced solution of content creation and management, email and social networking, interactive displays (Augmented Reality, 3D Projection Mapping), mobile applications (QR Coding, iPhone & Android applications), and telecom technologies (Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi) with a state-of-the-art audience measurement solutions.

AIMS services include consultancy on Digital Campaigns, concept development, location assessment, location provisioning (malls, cinemas, public areas, etc.), Digital Network implementation, Digital Content creation, Anonymous Audience Measurement, and distribution, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

AIMS is a part of a group of media companies that also include SSS (Specialized Software Services) that has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and partners across the GCC. AIMS & SSS offer superior interactive marketing solutions for managing the implementation of Digital Signage, with a cross-industry platform that is exponentially growing, especially in retail industries, to help local and international retailers deliver their message to their most desirable audience.

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