Thursday, November 30, 2023

Keywest Technology unveils InfoZone Pro digital signage network management, control solution

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The new InfoZone Pro provides network administrators and other IT professionals charged with maintaining optimal performance of an enterprise-wide digital signage network with the content distribution, monitoring, management and emergency messaging functionality needed to assure success.

Keywest Technology is introducing InfoZone Pro, a comprehensive digital signage network control system offering network management from a Web browser or application user interface, at infoComm11, Orlando (booth 4448).

InfoZone Pro provides all of the monitoring, management and control functionality required to distribute content to player nodes on a large digital signage network, observe playback from individual players, be alerted to network anomalies and failing players, take control and distribute alert and warning messages in emergency situations, such as fire and weather events, turn individual or groups of monitors on and off, control monitor volume, and more all from a centralized network operations center.

“IT managers looking for a robust, fully featured solution to manage their digital signage network will find InfoZone Pro to be the right solution to meet their enterprise-wide digital signage management needs,” said Nick Nichols, president of Keywest Technology. “InfoZone Pro provides all of the centralized controls necessary to manage a large network of digital signage players while offering the flexibility to delegate local control over areas of on-screen real estate as needed.”

InfoZone Pro, which is fully compatible with Keywest Technology’s MediaZone Pro digital signage player system, delivers user-definable control of groups of players as well as individual players, giving network administrators the flexibility to distribute separate playlists to a player or players on their digital signage network. InfoZone Pro supports both push and pull content distribution methodologies. Player AutoSense, which automatically detects the presence of the new device, makes adding a new player to the network simple.

With InfoZone Pro’s Dashboard remote monitoring and management function, network administrators can view thumbnail snapshots of playback from every player on the network. Additionally, SNMP reporting is fully supported to alert network administrators via email or text message of players operating out of tolerance or of complete malfunction.

For IT professionals charged with maintaining an advertising-based digital signage network, InfoZone Pro generates daily verification logs to provide corporate management and network advertisers with proof of play.

InfoZone Pro is compliant with the U.S. government’s new Integrated Public Alert and Warning System and offers built-in EAS support to push emergency event messages and crawls to specific players with scheduling override.

InfoZone Pro is available immediately.

About Keywest Technology
Keywest Technology is a leading designer of digital signage content, kiosks and software offering solutions from simple single sign playback to large multi-sign networks. Based in Lenexa, Kan., the company is dedicated to making digital signage technically as easy as a day at the beach.

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Source: Keywest Technology

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