February 5, 2023


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CD Meyer Introduces Brain Flexers Visual Games for Digital Signage

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CD Meyer Inc., a Fairfield, N.J.-based multimedia company, has announced the release of its newest product, Brain Flexers, an invention of CD Meyer president Chris Meyer, who was inspired to utilize his company’s expertise in game development to create this new digital signage content product.

According to the company, these “clips” of digital signage content are visual games that require no interaction with the screen, making them easily used in any signage network or hardware configuration.

The games, which run from 40 seconds to over a minute, incorporate beautiful photographs and interesting game concepts, the company said. The game content ranges in subject matter from points of interest to pop culture concepts and more. The animated effects are designed to draw attention and keep people looking (and thinking).

Brain Flexers are currently available in multiple video file types and in both horizontal and vertical formats. The content and design of the visual games can also be customized for a client’s specifications and subject matter.


What’s Different? – Screen animates to display two very similar images. As the timer elapses several hints appear to help locate the differences between the images. Once the time has passed, the answers are displayed.
CLICK HERE to view “What’s Different?” and get more info.

Word Find – Screen animates to display a grid of letters and a list of words. After the timer elapses the words are circled showing you the answers.
CLICK HERE to view “Word Find” and get more info.

Where on Earth? – Screen animates to display a NASA satellite image. As the timer elapses several hints appear to help to figure out what the place is. Once the time has passed the answer is revealed.
CLICK HERE to view “Where On Earth?” and get more info.

What is it? – Screen animates to display an obscured image. As the timer elapses the image becomes clearer until finally it is revealed and the answer is displayed.
CLICK HERE to view “What is It?” and get more info.


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