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Digital Advertising Media Opportunities with “SPLASH” Point of Sales

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“It is a new way of seduction in order to engage customers’ attention through the source of water.”
Sylvia Karmann, Marketing Manager at Aquamedia.

Aquamedia Advertising is a digital outdoor advertising company located in Barcelona and was founded in April 2010. Aquamedia consists of a team of professionals with experience in IT and advertising. This young and innovative company is planning to stay ahead of the game and introduced a smart way to combine interactive digital media with advertising opportunities offering a new way of advertising, a water dispenser called “SPLASH”.

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The Challenges in Customer Engagement

Most companies face the continuous struggle of “how”, “when”, “where” and “against what price” should I advertise my products with the mutual goal to target the right audience, at the right place and time and to get the highest return on investment. Marketers are challenged with choosing the right medium to entice and persuade a consumer to buy a product. Media tools are increasing day by day with the boom of social media and the numerous ways of digital media. Yet the power lies in choosing the right medium at the right moment to target the right audience. Aquamedia saw it as a great opportunity to use the recent IT developments and its experience in the world of advertising to offer something unique to its customers.

The Concept

Digital Signage is a growing industry with endless possibilities. Aquamedia confirms this by introducing a smart and innovated tool for advertising. Aquamedia introduced “SPLASH”, a product that consists of a water tap including a touchscreen display of 23 inches and 3 LCD displays of 42 inches, one on each side,   for commercial advertising. The advertising shown is created by the design department of Aquamedia, customized to advertisers’ needs. The content can have a length of 10 or 20 seconds. Aquamedia wants to offer its services not only to the big brands, but also to the local clients, who do not deal with the latest technology as much as the national clients.

The system is built with the most advanced technology so it allows marketers to use complex and graphically strong video and motion pictures. The added value consists of the offering of water that represents a service and creating an experience with the visual enhancements and advertising opportunities during the waiting time of pouring a cup of water. Thanks to the touchscreen, customers are invited to interact with the system influencing the customers buying behaviour.

Aquamedia offers a total service package including creation, installation and monitoring of the responses. Aquamedia collects the user data by recording the customer behaviour at the touchscreen, making it possible for advertisers to view the response rates.  The success of the integration is key to the following conditions: location, visibility, space, the amount of people passing by and their characteristics. Waiting areas seem to be most effective.

The Solution

“SPLASH” consists of strong hardware and software: containing AOpen Digital Engine, Admira software and NEC displays.  Aquamedia built the whole concept and also creates content for each assignment to fit the customer needs. The system has 4 screens in total: 3x 42 inch displays positioned on the left, right and back side and 1x 23 inch touchscreen on the front side. In total four Digital Engines are placed in one system to support high graphic motion video content. The system allows management from a single remote location, which is a big advantage for multiple installations that run the same content.  Currently Aquamedia finished installations in the “Hospital Clinic” in Barcelona and the shopping centre “Parc Vallés” in Terrassa with many more to follow.

“Our main goal is to overcome current barriers in the world of advertising media to deliver and manage advertising content that is visible, attractive and profitable and always providing an added value” concludes Sylvia Karmann, Marketing Manager at Aquamedia.

About AOpen

AOpen, Inc. has more than 15 years of IT hardware manufacturing experience along with keen insights into IT industry trends that help drive the growth of AOpen. As the leading manufacturer, of ultra small form factor digital signage media player solutions world-wide, AOpen keeps expanding its products and services for digital signage and other vertical application markets. With in-depth market knowledge AOpen can offer advice for complete digital signage platform solutions. AOpen cooperates with its global value added channel network to go to market.

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