Sunday, December 10, 2023

Sandia National Laboratories Adopts ViewCast Media Extensions to Enable Digital Asset Management Capabilities on IBM FileNet P8

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ViewCast Corporation (OTCBB: VCST), a developer of industry-leading solutions for the transformation, management and delivery of digital media over enterprise, broadband, and mobile networks, today announced that Sandia National Laboratories has selected ViewCast Media Extensions (VME) software and services to support the company’s enterprise-class repository of digital media assets that reside on FileNet® P8, IBM®’s next-generation enterprise content management platform. VME enables FileNet users to easily mouse-over thumbnails to preview images, video and multi-page documents; convert video files; and export/import preservation metadata to/from a range of file formats like PDF documents, image files, sound files, Microsoft office documents, and more. As a result, Sandia’s FileNet users can now quickly and easily find, view and manage their digital assets without the need to download files, install plug-ins or third-party applications, or leave the FileNet P8 environment.

“The combination of VME and FileNet is ideally suited to address Sandia’s digital asset management requirements,” said Dave Stoner, ViewCast President and CEO. “While FileNet’s strengths focus on content, business process, and records management, VME delivers scalable digital media management capabilities that automate otherwise complex media activities and ultimately minimizes operating costs.”

ViewCast Media Extensions (VME) enables users to:

  • Mouse-over thumbnails to preview images, video and multi-page documents (recognizes more than 100 image formats)
  • Multi-page Microsoft Office and PDF documents can be previewed without the installation of a separate plug-in or viewer application. This includes the ability to quickly navigate through and preview all individual pages and metadata
  • PowerPoint presentations can be viewed or presented without having PowerPoint installed
  • AJAX technology ensures no performance degradation
  • All standard P8 functions work seamlessly, including upload, check in/out, versioning, workflow

Stream audio and video

  • With only the web browser Flash player installed, users can stream audio and video without ever leaving IBM FileNet
  • All major codecs and formats are supported
  • Standard player controls exist for setting volume, pausing/resuming, scrubbing and viewing full-screen

Take advantage of advanced ingest processing

  • The ViewCast Media Extensions content processors efficiently convert source media to new formats for web viewing; all common input and output formats are supported
  • Original files can be stored un-modified in the IBM FileNet repository along with newly-created derivatives
  • Metadata, such as IPTC and EXIF, is also extracted and stored in the repository
  • High-volume image, document, audio and video processors are used to ingest and process incoming content, potentially as part of a BPM workflow
  • Audio, video, images and documents can be converted to and from hundreds of different formats
  • Parameters and options can be changed for each automated task
  • Invoke ingest process with standard P8 check in event trigger

Enjoy easy deployment and support

  • VME Processors are installed on one server to convert and index content
  • The enhancements to the existing Workplace/XT JSPs are installed on existing Workplace/XT server
  • Everything easily updated with patches as Workplace/XT changes
  • The solution can be deployed in the existing FileNet environment by IT staff; there is no need to employ the professional services of ViewCast or another service provider
  • The changes to the existing environment are minimal so future upgrades and technical support are virtually hassle free


About ViewCast

ViewCast develops industry-leading hardware and software for the transformation, management and delivery of professional quality video over broadband, enterprise and mobile networks. ViewCast’s award-winning solutions simplify the complex workflows required for the Web-based streaming of news, sports, music, and other video content to computers and mobile devices, empowering broadcasters, businesses, and governments to easily and effectively reach and expand their audiences. With more than 370,000 video capture cards deployed globally, ViewCast sets the standard in the streaming media industry. ViewCast Niagara® streaming appliances, Osprey® video capture cards and VMp™ video management systems provide the highly reliable technology required to deliver the multi-platform experiences driving today’s digital media market. ViewCast ( is headquartered in Plano, Texas, USA, with sales and distribution channels located globally..

Source: ViewCast Corporation

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