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Brands reap rewards from creating dialogue with consumers

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JCDecaux Yell campaignNew research from JCDecaux into consumers’ expectations of digital Outdoor has shown that brands are not realising the potential or meeting consumers’ expectations of this new and engaging medium.

Chris Hall, Head of Research at JCDecaux, unveiled the research at the FLEX London DOOH Conference on May 18th & 19th.

The study found that consumers have high expectations of digital Outdoor, like to see digital Outdoor, are keen to engage and that brands will benefit from creating a dialogue with consumers.

The study showed that commuters valued the medium as core part of their daily commute providing content and entertainment. Compared to online advertising which was described as an interruption to their experience, digital Outdoor is welcomed as a positive addition to their daily lives.

Chris Hall said, “Consumers told us they want to see multiple creative, frequent copy change, live content feeds. The research suggests that the public are ready for more engaging content on digital screens and brands that meet the public’s appetite for entertainment will benefit. Interestingly enough, brands that simply ran their static posters were seen as missing a trick and failing to meet customer expectations.”

Participants in the study referenced TalkTalk,, Lynx and Google as brands that use the medium consistently well.

JCDecaux’s digital portfolio reaches 28% of the population (13 million people) every two weeks in the UK.


Digital Research from JCDecaux UK and JCDecaux Airport has already shown:

People look at digital advertising more often when there is movement (a 19% increase in people looking at screens from moving traffic) (PrimeTime research)

Content makes people notice advertising more. (70% of people look at screens more often since Sky started showing content on PrimeTime screens Sky PrimeTime research)

Colour and brightness attracts people’s attention (Airport Eyetracking study)

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Source: JCDecaux

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