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DigiSky to host Russian DOOH conference

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The “Digital Signage, there is no alternative!” conference will take place on 31 May 2011 in Moscow’s Korston Hotel. The conference is organised by DigiSky, the only Russian member of the Digital Screenmedia Association and OVAB (Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau). Technical partner to the event is Adissy, who supply the Russian market with a wide range of the best innovative products and solutions in the area of advertising systems.

Digital communications are in a period of extremely rapid development. All over the world an integration process is underway between digital signage, mobile and interactive technologies, and social media. New technologies such as augmented reality, gesture control and multi-touch are constantly emerging and developing. With each successive year, modern information technologies are integrating to offer ever wider-reaching possibilities.

Despite the high-tech nature of digital signage, the main emphasis of the “Digital Signage, there is no alternative!” conference will be on the business aspects of the industry. Many Russian companies are aware that digital communications are both contemporary and necessary, but how should they make optimal use of them? How can they maximise their return on investment? Where can they find reliable partners?

Precisely this is the aim of the conference. To create a forum for communication between all the actors in the market, and to educate end users who want to create advertisement networks, corporate information channels and other types of digital signage systems.

Speakers will include leading experts in digital signage from the USA, Europe and Russia: Guillaume Tenant de la Tour, CEO of Europe’s top content producer Bluefox, David Drain, executive director of the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA), the largest American association for manufacturers and end users of digital signage systems, Adrian J. Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief of the DailyDOOH blog, Viktor Osipov, vice CEO of WIPO, and many more. It is anticipated that representatives of more than 70 major companies from the fields of finance, oil and gas, retail and the restaurant and hotel industries will attend.

For an invitation to the conference, please register at

About Digisky

DigiSky serves diverse groups of customers from industries such as retail, fitness, banking and hospitality, providing services in the areas of digital signage, music and information design and audio branding. DigiSky is active in Russia and the CIS with customers including METRO CC, OBI, Castorama, IKEA, Real, Mega, Selgors CC, Bin Bank, Okey, Dream House, Strata Partners, and many more.

About Adissy

Adissy is a complete supplier for digital signage and interactive systems, from simple standalone media players and advertising displays through to powerful platforms for creating integrated digital signage networks for advertising and corporate communications. As the official distributor for AOpen, Philips, BroadSign, FriendlyWay AG and other leading players in the global digital signage industry, Adissy is not only able to supply robust, scalable solutions, but can also pass on to its customers its partners’ experience and expertise. In this way we enable our customers to develop and roll out successful digital signage projects.

Source: Digisky

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