Sunday, December 10, 2023

Gelato e Caffe gets Digital Signage MenuBoards with its TWITTER and FACEBOOK TimeLine

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Gelato e Caffe adds Digital Signage MenuBoard to its stores and integrates them with TWITER and FACEBOOK

Gelato e Caffe, expanding franchise of ice creams in Venezuela, has decided to hire IMVINET, a company specializing in digital signage, to develop and implement a dynamic Digital Signage MenuBoard to integrate, not only the product options available, but also its TWITTER and FACEBOOK TimeLine.

Thus, the MenuBoard will allow, through new means of SocialMedia, to complement the shopping experience for each customer and link them directly with the views that other clients franchise.

The MenuBoards are installed in stores located in Las Mercedes and El Hatillo in Caracas and, soon, the store of Altamira, which is about to open. Gelato e Caffe exploited this channel to display real-time menus and promotions, but at the same time it serves to inform community events, weather, phrases of the day, etc … which will add value to the customer information.

This project is the work and effort of both companies to deliver a final product that will whet the appetite and showing a content quality second to none.

For more information, please contact us through our website or info [at]
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IMVINET is a Digital Signage Integrator based in Venezuela, providing sales and services (hardware, software, installation, content creation and administration).
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