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Digital Signage Interactive displays – “cost out ways the marketing value of interactive signage”

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In a world where we are surrounded by technology, it is easy to overlook some of the technology around us, at a shopping centre you see a poster stand, but do you realise it’s a digital display no, this may be because the content on a digital display is static. As most organisations who adopt the technology feel it is appropriate to use static artwork.

This not only spoils the initial though process of adopting a digital display but is useless. Digital displays were meant to enhance the advertising world, to engage the consumer.

Interactive displays took this concept and became a major success, marketing had taken a turn. Interaction with signage was a concept only though out in sci-fi movies, but today it is a reality the technology is here. Utilising an interactive sign is crucial now more than ever to engage your target market. Tech is adopted by young and old, so the target markets which this creates a connect with is immense.

Interaction with an application inadvertently advertises a concept and then the product itself. The subtle approach is the way forward, gone are the times where marketing would be rammed down our throats, the consumer has become more vigilant in the current climate. Spending is at an all time low. So for a business to invest millions in TV advertising and radio also becomes useless.

Interactive signs are not only affordable but very effective in the job they do, affordability is key and organisations cannot afford not to try this marketing method to see its potential.

Retailers who have adopted have seen a rise in sales figures, the connection it makes, and the crowds the technology creates is unbelievable, imagine a crowd of 20 people at a time outside you retail outlet, that is the kind of attention this technology brings.

The cost out ways the marketing value of interactive signage, the cost to benefit ratio is key to any businesses success, adopted interactive signage is a sound business move which will ensure a steady growth in a company’s revenue.

ClariView ltd is a company who offer a complete range of Digital Signage Solutions Indoor/Outdoor both touch screen and none touch screen (a form of out of home advertising). Our products range from wall mounted to freestanding digital advertising displays of various sizes, Specialising in advertising displays we have found that digital signage is a big break through within advertising, With the introduction of touch screen kiosk digital signage is set to grow.

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