Monday, December 11, 2023

Oasis Bakery installs Digital Menu Boards

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Based in Murrumbeena (Melbourne, Vic) Oasis Bakery is a lot more than just a bakery.  As well as baking a large selection of fresh pastries (Toppings include: Haloumi cheese, oregano, spinach & cheese etc…) Secondly they operate a cafe, where the style du jour is again Middle Eastern and more specifically, Lebanese. Thirdly, Oasis Bakery operates an intensely well appointed grocery store, with the finest staple ingredients from all over the world.

With the wide range of products and specials available changing on a daily process, the constant updating of the menu boards was  time consuming and messy (using chalk boards).  The problem needed a solution and Aeris Solutions proposed digital menu boards provided the perfect answer.

The existing chalk boards where replaced with 5 x 32″ LCD panels placed side-by-side in portrait.  Four are used as menus with the middle LCD displaying daily specials or promoting offers.

A large 40″ LCD was placed above the counter to also promote special offer and information, such as upcoming cooking demonstrations.  Another cool feature is CNN news headline are automatically displayed for customers to read whilst they are waiting to collect their order.

One of the key criteria of the digital menu board system was that it had to be easy-to-use.  Therefore DC Media software was chosen as the menu updates are achieve by simply updating a standard csv file which can be opened and edited in almost any spreadsheet program.  As soon as the new information is ‘saved’ with the csv file the screen are updated displaying the new information.

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Source: Aeris Solutions

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