Thursday, October 5, 2023

Allure Global Announces Digital Signage Roll-Out Completion For All SAMfilm Locations in Iceland

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Allure Global Solutions, Inc. announces the completion of a full circuit roll out of its dynamic digital signage products for all SAMfilm locations. SAMfilm is the leading theater circuit in Iceland and is based in Reykjavik. The most recent SAMfilm location, a newly constructed site, is Sambíóin Egilshöll located in Reykjavik. It has four over-sized auditoriums and includes a full suite of Allure Global digital signage products including Allure Global’s Digital Box Office, Digital Movie Posters, Digital Menu Boards and Digital Auditorium Signage. The SAMfilm installation at Sambíóin includes 45 total screens operated by five Allure Global players (computers).

Through consumer research specifically tailored to digital menu boards, Allure Global has seen its Digital Menu Board technology help customers increase concession sales, reduce merchandising costs and increase guest awareness. Allure Global’s new generation of digital menu board solutions provides flexible components that allow theater owners to have engaging and impactful motion-graphic marketing messages all managed through a central server.

Allure Global’s Digital Movie Poster solution allows for the delivery of full color, digitally animated, high resolution posters that draw attention and entertain. By showing new releases and coming attractions with high visual appeal and moving images, SAMfilm can promote current and upcoming films easily and efficiently.

Allure Global’s Digital Box Office solution allows SAMfilm to display digital movie posters with movie times and ratings in full color and motion at the box office. Integrating DBO to the theater’s POS solution provides real-time data for show-times and feature information including titles, ratings, run-time, sold-out and cancelled notifications.

Allure Global’s Digital Auditorium Signage transforms traditional auditorium signage into a dynamic digital signage solution that displays digital movie posters with movie name, show time, rating and auditorium status. By integrating with the existing POS system, digital auditorium signage dynamically changes auditorium locations as the POS system upgrades. This engaging signage directs customers to the correct auditorium and informs them of the status of the auditorium more efficiently. The signs can communicate important messages including “NOW SEATING,” “CLEANING” and “CLOSED” instantly.

“We have been an Allure Global client for several years now,” states Bjorn Arnasson, Managing Director of SAMfilm. “We could not be happier with their products and service. The technology is state-ofthe- art for theaters and our newest location is our absolute showcase.”

“SAMfilm has certainly embraced our technology,” states Rodrick Glass, EVP of Sales and Business Development for Allure Global. “The new Sambíóin location is a great example of how all our products can become a totally integrated solution. Our expertise is using the existing POS system, integrated with our software, to drive data and content to all the various screens real time. Each application is specifically developed for theater applications. Together they make a comprehensive theater digital signage offering that provides the owner a very efficient operation, maximizing sales and reducing operating costs.”

About SAMfilm

SAMfilm, Iceland’s biggest and oldest cinema chain, was founded in 1982 by Arni Samuelson and his family, when they opened a cinema in one of Reykjavik suburbs. Since then, the company has grown and currently runs six cinemas and has operations in different distribution methods of films and entertainment. Recently, SAMfilm opened Sambíóin Egilshöll (cinema), which is equipped with all the newest technology for the maximum experience for the customer. Since it opened three months ago, 80,000 people have already visited that site (population of Iceland is 315,000.

Source: Allure Global

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