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BrightSign Solid-State Digital Players Power Dynamic, Eye-Catching HD Menu Boards

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BrightSign Digital Menu BoardsNetwork-enabled Signage Solutions Enable Easy Updates, Energy Savings

BrightSign® announced today that OSM Solutions has installed six BrightSign network-enabled HD210 digital signage players to deliver the high-definition menu boards at two popular food court restaurants: Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen (formerly Villa Pizza) and the Di A Sushi & Mongolian Grill. Although the Italian restaurant is in the Los Angeles, CA area and the Pan Asian restaurant is in Trumbull, CT, OSM Solutions uses the networking capabilities of the BrightSign HD210s to remotely update prices and menu items on the menu boards as often as needed from its home base in Austin, TX.

Like all BrightSign players, the HD210 is based on a solid-state platform that doesn’t require a PC to deliver crisp, HD playback and the high reliability restaurants need to run their menu boards 24/7. With the PC-less, fan-less solid-state platform, there are no moving parts to fail. As a result, BrightSign controllers are also more affordable, easier to deploy and substantially more energy efficient.

OSM Solutions designed custom two-panel menu board systems with BrightSign HD210 controllers and 46” LED displays for the shopping mall restaurants. Both were developed to attract customers and help the restaurants compete in their busy food courts. At Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen, one set of menu boards is used to invite visitors to take advantage of its Triple Play specials and the other set to provide graphically enticing reasons to order its value meals. The vertical two-panel menu boards for the Di A Sushi & Mongolian Grill’s display complement the restaurant’s Pan Asian décor, adding to its clean, welcoming environment.

“I chose the BrightSign controllers because the units are compact, solid and provide very good support for H.264 video at 1080p,” explained Marc Rosenberg, owner/operator of OSM Solutions. “In addition to remote updating, they also offer scalability and longevity so they provide our clients with good value.”

Rosenberg, a skilled networking professional, uses BrightSign’s BrightAuthor to create and publish content and BrightSign Network, a subscription-based hosted networking service, to monitor the displays. “The advanced features they offer make them easy to justify,” he noted.

With BrightAuthor, which is Included free of charge with all BrightSign players, creating, publishing and managing BrightSign presentations is so easy, even non-technical users can manage the displays. The application’s simple layout tools, preset templates and wizards guide users step-by-step through the entire process of creating presentations. Once completed, the presentations are faster and easier to prepare for publication because the software automatically creates the playlist file and bundles it with the selected content, ready to drop onto an SD card or send via the Internet for BrightSign playback.

BrightAuthor optimizes one of the key advantages of BrightSign Digital Signage by offering flexible scheduling and day-parting (scheduling the display of content for specific times throughout the day). For example, with
day-parting, a restaurant’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus can each be changed automatically throughout each day when service for that meal begins.

Rosenberg uses BrightSign Network to manage the displays remotely and review real-time reports for playback confirmations. Using a secure Web connection, he can check the status of the networked HD210 players and can ensure the reliability of the network with the auto-recovery mode and corrupt card detection features.

“BrightSign digital signage controllers are complete, ready-to-use solutions that include the hardware, software and Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Digital Menu Boardsnetworking support for driving stand-alone or networked displays,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO. “Because they can be updated so easily, we see them playing a vital role in helping restaurants comply with the FDA regulations requiring nutritional and calorie information to be published on menu boards, and fast-food restaurants. Scheduled to be finalized March 2011, the regulations currently apply to restaurants with twenty or more locations, but this could easily be expanded in the near future.”
Availability, Pricing

BrightSign all-in-one digital players and kiosk controllers are available from the BrightSign Store with prices ranging from US$284.99 for the HD110 with simple looping video playback, $399.99 for the HD210 network-enabled digital sign player, US$649.99 for the HD1010 network-enabled interactive digital sign and kiosk controller, and US$699.00 for the HD1010w with built-in Wi-Fi.

BrightAuthor 2.0 software, the central interface for BrightSign digital signage displays, is included free of charge and runs on a standard Windows PC running XP or Vista and Windows 7.

About OSM Solutions
Headquartered in Austin, TX, OSM Solutions delivers hi-def signage solutions for food Service, retail, banking and info space installations. The company specializes in creating solutions that are scalable, smart, and sophisticated, whether it’s a digital menu board for a restaurant in a single location or a multi-location networked solution.

About BrightSignBrightSign logo
BrightSign, LLC, based in Saratoga, California, develops products and software for digital signage. BrightSign solid-state digital sign controllers set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease of use and interactivity. Online information about BrightSign units is available at For sales inquiries, please contact sales [at]
# # # or call 408-852-9263 in the USA and +44-1223-911842 internationally.

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