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Digital Signage Plus Background Music with One Player

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Harmony by ReQuest offers both self-service digital signage and commercial audio from a single device.

ReQuest has upgraded customers to Harmony version 2.0, a free and major software update of the company’s web-based commercial music and digital signage solution. Harmony is the first in the industry to offer both digital signage and commercial audio simultaneously from a single, compact player.

“Our goal is to empower businesses with easy to use tools,” says Andy Lopez, ReQuest Director of Sales. “Combining both services into a single platform with one player eliminates complexity and provides a fast and affordable way for companies to deploy music and digital signage.”

With Harmony, ReQuest offers a solution that uses a single player for all content and a web based control and management system that does not require customers to install or maintain any software. Harmony delivers a self-service solution for creating digital signage without the bottleneck of submitting changes and updates to a third party. Managers simply log in to Harmony, upload existing marketing and branding collateral, and create their own captivating digital signage within a simple drag-and-drop interface.

With Harmony 2.0 business owners can run another wire from the same unobtrusive Harmony Player to an in-house stereo system and discover highly customizable music and custom audio messaging controlled by the same web-based management and scheduling system. Signage, music and messaging can be controlled on a device-by-device basis allowing for pinpoint accurate targeting of messaging and atmosphere. Any number of locations can be monitored and controlled from a laptop anywhere in the world.

“Offering a single price point for both Digital Signage and Commercial Audio has allowed Logic Integration to design customized solutions for both small businesses and global corporations”, offers Bill Craig, VP of Business Development for Logic Integration in Denver, Colorado. “With the Harmony Digital Signage system we have been able to meet the needs of companies ranging from a local yogurt shop with several regional locations to an international headquarters with facilities on all seven continents.”

With over 40,000 servers sold worldwide, ReQuest’s Harmony leverages over a decade of development in remote management, content syncing, and media organization. Harmony is a unique commercial music and video service providing complete flexibility for the client to furnish detailed schedules of their music and video either in a global, regional or local setting. The application also integrates advertising and company messaging within the music playlists, or video shows so businesses can promote specials or marketing messages during targeted times.

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