June 7, 2023


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LCD Video Wall at Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt

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The new eyevis LCD video wall at the Deutsche Börse stock exchange is quite possibly the largest of its kind in all of Europe. Located in Frankfurt am Main, the massive screen display is over 33 feet long and 13 feet wide, and comprised of 70 LCD display units. Deutsche Börse wanted a massive video wall that greeted guests as they walked into the main lobby. Because the stock exchange greets international guests from all over the world, the video wall had to be colourful, vibrant, long-lasting, reliable, and classy. In order to fulfil this, eyevis utilized its state-of-the-art EYE-LCD-4600 displays with Super Narrow bezel. These unique units have a pixel-to-pixel gap of only 7.3 mm, making them ideal to allow for a smooth, uninterrupted picture. Furthermore, the visual inputs are displayed by two netpix graphics controllers, and the images on the wall are organized by the eyecon wall management software. The complete system works fluidly, in perfect harmony. Throughout this project, several obstacles arose that many thought to be unconquerable, and for this reason there was a large amount of customization required to create the Wall. One such problem was the tendency of narrow-bezel LCD units to display a “hotspot” effect. A hotspot effect is when the LCD units display a clear, bright picture in the center of the display screen, but a darker and distorted image around the edges. This phenomenon occurs in every super-narrow LCD from every manufacturer, and on normally-sized display walls, it is essentially unnoticeable. However, this is no ordinary display wall. A hotspot effect in each unit of a 70-unit display wall would result in a picture that is imperfect at best. Therefore, eyevis’ tech department created a new technology that actively analyses the display status of each unit, and appropriately darkens the center and brightens the edges to create a perfect, uniformly coloured display from every unit. The technology was perfected in a short amount of time, and because of the crack work done by the eyevis team, the Video Wall is able to function as intended. Overall, the Video Wall is considered a grand success by both Deutsche Börse and eyevis. If you have the chance, we highly recommend going to see this technological wonder in person.

eyevis products installed:

  • 70 x EYE-LCD-4600-SN (46″ super narrow bezel LCD with WXGA resolution)
  • 20 x EYE-PxP (Pixel processing unit for HotSpot corrections)
  • 2 x NPX4820R-D8-G1.0 (High-end Graphics Controller)

Source: eyevis