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SchoolReach Acquires Digital Sign Control Technology

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GroupCast logoGroupCast, LLC, parent Company of SchoolReach Instant Parent Contact,  Acquires Technology Assets of Sensory Ventures, LLC
SchoolReach, and its parent company GroupCast, LLC, have completed a transaction to acquire the digital sign control and management technology assets of Sensory Ventures, LLC. The move provides SchoolReach access to digital sign and display management technology capable of centrally controlling the displays of PCs, monitors, smart boards, digital signs, and other internet addressable displays.trans

School systems rely heavily on the use of PCs, monitors, smart boards, and digital signs to present information to students, staff, visitors and their communities at large. “Sensory Ventures’ DocuChannel™ technology acquisition opens up a whole new level of broadcast communication services to our customers,” said Paul Langhorst, Chief Marketing Officer for GroupCast. “With this technology our customers, from a centralized point, will be able to control digital signs and network displays found throughout their campuses and buildings. The applications range from basic information dissemination to urgent announcements and instructions.”

Sensory Ventures was launched in 2006 and established in West Lafayette, Indiana under the Purdue Research Park program. The program was initiated by Purdue University to spur economic growth in Indiana’s high-tech sector. Sensory Ventures capitalized on the incubator and shared resource environment of the Research Park facility to economically establish itself while in the early stages of product research and development.

Immediately following the acquisition, SchoolReach will begin to undertake integration of the new DocuChannel technology into its suite of services. “DocuChannel and its multimodal information dissemination capabilities fits nicely into the SchoolReach offering,” said Travis Brant, President of Sensory Ventures. “I look forward to working with GroupCast to blend DocuChannel and our other services into their program.” SchoolReach plans to offer the new services under various packages beginning in the 2011-12 school year.

SchoolReach is the education marketing division of St. Louis-based GroupCast, LLC, an instant messaging communications service providing voice, email and text notifications. From emergency notification and schedule changes to absentee notification and rumor control, SchoolReach simultaneously delivers administrators’ personally recorded message to tens, hundreds or thousands of individuals. More information about SchoolReach and GroupCast
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