May 30, 2023

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ClariView introduce Portable/collapsible Digital Signage Display

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ClariView provides a portable digital signage solution with the style and look of one of their full size floor standing displays.

The display was developed with portability in mind. A 32 inch advertising display on a tailor made floor stand in portrait mode, provided a solution which was both portable and sleek.

The digital signage solution can be taken down and packed away for transportation. The image shows how sleek the display looks with a stand which is nearly as wide as the width of the display.

The stand has the same quality and design as the display, when erected a viewer would not realise that it is three separate pieces which make up the display.
The display was developed for companies and organisations who attend exhibitions or trade shows, these companies require a display which can be quickly erected and taken down. There is no other display on the market right now which has fulfilled this requirement or tackled his issue. Exhibitors are utilising off the shelf stands which do not look as sleek as the ClariView solution.

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Source: ClariView