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More nut triangles sell Digital Signage – ACM Online Software AG and present solutions for chain store bakery trade

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PRESTIGE Baecker digital HamburgThe bakery industry has a long tradition and is one of the major food suppliers in general.

It is therefore important to convince the customers of its permanent capacity, the quality of its products and its craftsmanship.

Online Software AG software solution with your prestigious enterprise in cooperation with ACM Group, Wiesbaden, points to the Euro shop in 2011, how to respond emotionally today in modern bakeries customers with digital media and information simultaneously.

Controlled by the central system PRESTIGEenterprise local embassies are presented on large displays: Where does the baker’s raw materials, as they are processed and how finally reaches a fine walnut corner in the store.

Morning offering for breakfast, then lunch, afternoon cakes and finally the bread offerings for dinner. On each day of optimized information, simple and effective across all branches.

And when the baker or bakery himself from his “talks” – then craft tangible and accessible.

Additional information on the ACM Group

ACM is a business group consisting of specialized for individual corporate media communications.

The ACM core areas include new media solutions such as SEO, iPhone Applications, Websites, media databases and digital signage concepts.
Customers such as the Sixt car rental, Merck or OBI use the solutions of ACM in use worldwide.

Other areas include beyond traditional printing techniques such as prepress, color management, digital offset and large format printing.

Für alle Dienstleistungen gilt bei ACM maximaler Komfort für den Kunden: Ein Ansprechpartner für alle Bereiche! For all of services in the ACM maximum convenience for customers: Your one source for all areas!

About Online Software AG

Online Software AG is a modern, innovative software company focused on developing solutions for the international wholesale and retail. Online is the market leader in enterprise branch advertising with the poster and label PRESTIGE program with more than 30,000 installations in 35 countries in 20 languages. Online supports the trade in the cross-media promotion of products on the market-leading software enterprise prestige, the traditional media such as posters and shelf labels with the latest digital technologies combines POS. Thus, in many retailers move additional marketing concepts on flat screens, kiosk systems, weighing systems and touch screens are used.

Source: Online Software AG

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