Monday, February 26, 2024

Prestop launches Omnitapps4 multi-touch software

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Prestop announces the worldwide launch of Omnitapps4, the newest addition to the leading Omnitapps™ multi-touch software used by thousands of organisations. Omnitapps4 offers solutions for Corporate use, Retail, Museums, Trade Shows, Showrooms and Tourist & Public Areas.

Omnitapps4 offers a unique way to create interactive multi-touch experiences to present products or services. With this user-friendly software, no programming skills are needed. 24 Applications including the high-end SwipeMediaMarker, Brochure Request, BattleQuiz, Survey app and many more are in included. A large range of configurable options make it possible to create exciting interactive experiences.

Omnitapps4 consists of new products such as Omnitapps4 Composer, Omnitapps4 Player and Omnitapps4 Games.

Omnitapps4 Composer provides powerful tools to create an interactive experience or presentation. Support for Video transitions, video backgrounds and animated markers are perfect eyecatchers. All apps can be combined to create a quick and simple project as well an advanced experience. This makes it possible to create a fitting experience for every project or event.

Omnitapps4 Player runs and schedules the interactive experiences you created in Composer All 8 games from Composer are bundled in Omnitapps4 Games. Every game can be played alone and some games go up to 6 players who can compete against each other at the same time. Ideal for entertaining kids from every age or using them as gamification solution. All software packages support 15 languages in the front end, enabling users to fully configure language settings while displaying content in any language to suit the audience.

Omnitapps4 is developed for all touchscreen resolutions: full HD, 4K and other custom resolutions.

“With Omnitapps4, we set out to create the most complete and cost-effective multi-touch software on the market. Omnitapps4 provides endless interactive possibilities and customizable options for creating engaging touchscreen experiences that provide strong brand reinforcement and highly enhanced communications.” – Alexander Aelberts, CEO Prestop.

About Prestop
Prestop offers innovative, interactive high-end touchscreen solutions worldwide from their headquarters in the Netherlands. Prestop built up a reputation in interactive media and some of their clients include powerful international brands. Since 1993, Prestop is constantly working on new software and hardware developments. Prestop’s Creations department focuses on the development of Omnitapps4 and custom apps for clients.

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