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Polymedia company created Rescue Coordination Centre for Gosmorspassluzhba Russia

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Polymedia_Gosmorspassluzhba Russia_1 Polymedia_Gosmorspassluzhba Russia_2 Polymedia_Gosmorspassluzhba Russia_3 Polymedia_Gosmorspassluzhba Russia_4In December 2012, Russia’s leading integrator and the market leader in display systems Polymedia company sold one of their final project of the year – the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre of the FBI “Gosmorspassluzhba Russia.”

The center is designed for clock monitoring emergencies at sea and coordination of rescue operations.

Hardware complex of the Centre allows the responsible duty and a duty officer Rosmorrechflot GMSKTS automatically collect relevant information from all employees and cooperating services – data on weather conditions, location of ships and aircraft – and on the basis of this information to develop plans for rescue operations.

Putting GMSKTS consists of two zones – Staff management (hereinafter: Headquarters GMSKTS), which is used for the discussion and decision-making and operational area of ​​the workplace attendants also provide another backup location for the main controller FBU “Gosmorspassluzhba Russia”, which will start Implementation duty work after reform Gosmorspassluzhba Russia.

The main means of display in the Headquarters GMSKTS a video wall of four tonkoshovnyh LCD panels Flame 55 UNB in ​​a 2×2 configuration with a total resolution 3840h2160. INDEX support provides video wall controller PolyWall 0404, a proprietary company. Workplace Chair is equipped with an interactive tablet. Additional funds are also set display – LCD panel Flame with a diagonal of 55 “in the operational zone.

In areas GMSKTS installed DIS conference system and video conferencing systems LifeSize, allow you to interact with the administration ports, duty Captains coordinators MRCC (MSPTS), other control centers of the federal executive bodies, in particular the National Emergency Management Center Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Video conferencing is implemented on the basis of equipment Lifesize Room 200 with built-in multipoint connections for 8 subscribers. In slave rescue centers are established software videoconferencing terminals Lifesize Desktop. For the organization of videoconferencing in the hall are three PTZ-camera Sony EVI-HD1 HD quality.

Mixing and audio processing is performed on the audio processor Biamp AudiaFlex NC. Playback applications made by means of amplifiers and speakers Extron in ceiling and wall versions. To work with the paper-based document camera provides WolfVision VZ-9 plus3.

Indoor GMSKTS produces several types of records – record phone calls, record audio conferencing, multi-threaded hardware-based recording Sonic Foundry MediaSite RL Recorder, as well as recording video conferencing with LifeSize UVC VideoCenter.
Center equipment is protected by a UPS General Electric.

Management of all integrated systems in the Centre implemented with the help of Crestron.
Management Center visualization by means of the Software Polymedia Virdi 2.0.

Wyrd integrates each functional control systems, video wall controller and specialized software modules. With this software the management and staff of the Centre with a simple-to-use and intuitive control system that allows you to script events with various display information from the software and hardware resources.

“Implemented by Polymedia project is of great importance in the field of search and rescue of persons in distress at sea. Installed equipment and all the embedded systems will GMSKTS more control and forecasting of emergency situations at sea, optimize the time spent and the quality and effectiveness of decisions in rescue operations “, – says the head of Russia Gosmorspassluzhba Chernov.

Source: Polymedia

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