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ZeeVee Makes ISE 2013 Debut; Releases HDbridge 2000 Series Encoders/Modulators

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ZeeVee-HDbridge 2640New Series Combines High-Channel Density of up to Four HD 1080p/i or 720p Channels-per-Unit, Superior Cable Management, and Remote Configuration, While Lowering Costs of Deploying HD Video by Utilizing Existing Coax

ZeeVee, North America’s leading manufacturer of digital encoders and QAM modulators, today announced that the company will make its ISE 2013 debut with the introduction of four new HDbridge 2000 Series encoders/modulators for smarter, higher-density HD video distribution. The units offer compatibility with existing technologies to lower costs, while providing a host of new features for faster deployment and advanced management.

On display for the first time, the new 1-RU products can broadcast up to four HD (1080p/i or 720p) channels. They can be easily combined to distribute hundreds of channels over existing coaxial cabling to an unlimited number of HDTVs, drastically lowering the cost of deployment and simplifying installations. MPEG2 video and AC3 audio encoding ensure compatibility with any HDTV worldwide.

In a single 1-RU chassis, the HDb2620 and HDb2640 offer two and four 1080p/i channels, respectively, while the HDb2520 and HDb2540 provide two and four 720p channels. For rapid deployment, all channels can be set at once. Offering a breakthrough in cable management, the new HD encoders/modulators feature commercial-grade DIN connectors that fan to both digital and analog audio for maximum flexibility, and component and composite video. The result is dramatically reduced wiring in the rack, faster deployments, and easier diagnostics.

Leveraging high-channel density, the new HDbridge 2000 Series encoders/modulators are ideal for cost-effective, local broadcasting of HD channels in a wide variety of environments, including sports bars, educational and corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, hotels, stadiums, and houses of worship. The HDb2620/40 and HDb2520/40 join the previously released HDb2380 8-channel digital SD (480i) modulator/encoder, which is now shipping. For improving picture quality while adding management capabilities, the HDb2380 can upgrade an entire analog headend to digital channels at a low cost, comparable to analog modulation.

“ZeeVee has always demonstrated leadership in commercial video distribution,” said Rob Narzisi, sales manager at Advanced Media Technologies — a leading CATV and high-end broadband electronic equipment provider. “The new HDbridge 2000 Series is clearly the next evolution. High-channel density, ease of deployment, compatibility with existing infrastructures, and local or remote management place this product family far ahead of competitors.”

“After two years of intensive R&D, we are proud to introduce the most powerful, intelligent, and scalable HDbridge yet,” said Vic Odryna, CEO of ZeeVee. “The market has clearly indicated a strong desire for an easy and cost-effective upgrade path from analog to digital. The HDbridge 2000 Series answers the call by simplifying deployments, reducing points of failure, and enhancing management capability.”

The powerful video encoding of the HDbridge 2000 Series HD and SD encoders/modulators allows for two frequency-agile channels per QAM. Each channel offers 45 dBmV of output power to provide the signal strength for large deployments. Integrated closed-captioning support meets requirements for ADA compliance.

“It’s important for our existing customers to know that we will continue to provide full support for our current HDbridge family,” said Odryna. “However, for a comparable price, the new HDbridge 2000 Series offers a number of advantages including higher channel density, improved space efficiency, robust management, superior sound quality, faster deployment, and greater flexibility. Furthermore, the HDbridge 2000 Series is specifically designed for compliance with international standards, allowing us to bring the benefits of our technology to the European market for the first time. We’re looking forward to introducing the HDbridge 2000 Series to the European market during ISE 2013 and meeting with attendees throughout the show.”

All HDbridge 2000 Series units also feature Web-based Maestro headend management software, which provides local and/or remote management of every channel simultaneously. For end users, tuning is simple via an HDTV’s own built-in tuner, while a front-panel LCD provides channel status. Offering high reliability, the units feature steel rackmount enclosures, robust internal power supplies, and fan cooling.

The HDbridge 2000 Series will be on display at ISE 2013 in the ZeeVee stand 1-K5. More information about ZeeVee and its products is available at

About ZeeVee

ZeeVee is a leading manufacturer of digital encoders and QAM modulators, making digital broadcast technology available for commercial deployment throughout campus facilities. The company’s HD/SD encoders and RF modulators convert video sources such as satellite receivers and digital signage players into digital cable channels that are broadcast over existing coax cabling to an unlimited number of HDTVs and are installed in thousands of applications including corporate centers, sports bars, academia, assisted living, stadiums, casinos, hospitals, houses of worship, hotels, fitness centers, digital signage, and more. More information is available at

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