June 7, 2023


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Leading Digital Signage Software Vendor Navori Fortifies its Position on the German Markets

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Enterprise-class Digital Signage software platform. Two disctinctive advantages: true HD Broadcast TV look and feel playback and the easiest multi user and multi level program management available today.

The company is active worldwide and already has installations deployed on German soil, but its overall market share in the area so far was limited. This will now take a serious change. “We created a global presence opening offices in the Americas, Middle East and Asia” says Mr. Jerome Mori “and our continuous and consistent average annual growth of 30% took all of our current resources. Although we scored good business in the German speaking part of Europe we almost remained invisible to the Digital Signage community in this area. So we recruited additional resources to fill that gap”.

The NAVORI QL Digital Signage Software platform is available in a German language version since one year. Navori will start contracting channel partners to further develop the German markets. NAVORI is one of the first movers in the Digital Signage Industry and is renowned for its playback quality as well as its powerful yet easy to operate multi-user and multi-level digital signage software solution.

Navori has several strategic alliances with parties such as Alcatel Lucent for large scale deployment projects in the US and MICROS Fidelio for the hotel markets worldwide. Most recent development on the NAVORI QL Digital Signage Platform is the GPS Triggering Module for the Public Transportation markets, powering on-board vehicle based Digital signage enabling real-time location based and position relevant infotainment content.

About Navori

Navori International SA is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and operates sales and support offices in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia.

With its latest software release, Navori QL, the company tops its 15 years of experience offering t he most reliable and user friendly solution available on the market.

The average annual growth exceeding 30% over the last years proves the leadership position Navori obtained, and its QL platform is poised to set a new standard in the digital signage industry.

Navori, efficient design – extraordinary performance

About Navori QL Platform

Compared to other digital signage solutions, Navori QL is the only software platform able to display content at a quality that matches your audience’s expectations.

Navori QL cannot be compared to any first generation software. It is simply a league on its own.
To find out more about the Navori Digital Signage software platform, please visit the Navori web site at http://www.navori.com.

Source: Navori