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Advantech and Matrox Partner To Offer Premium Video Wall Solutions

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Advantech Matrox Premium Video Wall SolutionsAdvantech, a global embedded computing leader providing embedded platform solutions across multiple vertical markets, today announced that it is partnering with Matrox Graphics Inc., the world’s leading innovator in graphics and video solutions, to launch premium video wall solutions designed for and validated with Matrox’s Mura™ MPX video wall controller boards. The solutions include Matrox validated industrial serverboards, chassis, and Advantech Video Wall Controllers – the AVS series pre-configured systems — designed for 8-output and 20-output video walls, and will aim to enable OEMs and system integrators to create video wall solutions for various markets such as control rooms for factory automation, transportation, surveillance, digital signage, video conference.

“The development of video wall technology has changed basic lifestyles: digital signage, stagebroadcasting, surveillance, factory automation, and transportation are all active behind the scenes. Thanks to computer, network, and display technology advances, video wall performance continues to improve while total cost of ownership goes down, making video walls the fastest-growing area in the IT and digital electronics industries. Advantech is aware of this transformation and is collaborating with ecosystem partners to develop premium video wall solutions to fulfill the market demand,” says Franz Wei, Vice President of Advantech Embedded Systems Group.

Advantech has developed a series of industrial serverboards, chassis and pre-configured systems (AVS series products) supporting two to five Mura™ MPX cards. For instance, the AVS-540 pre-configured system or ASMB-822 serverboard with five PCIe x16 slots can support five Mura™ MPX cards, allowing for a maximum of twenty video source inputs and display outputs corresponding to twenty monitors. To further illustrate this with a practical factory control-room scenario, eight of the inputs could be connected to surveillance system NVR machines or directly to CCTV cameras that monitor the working fields or important equipment; ten connected to operator workstations running production management, process management, access control software programs; and the other two connected to the servers running various SCADA software. All information can be immediately displayed on the video wall.

“Through this cooperation between Advantech and Matrox, video wall system integrators can buy Matrox-validated  Advantech serverboards, chassis, or AVS series preconfigured systems that have been compatibility and performance tested with Mura™ MPX cards in Matrox’ hardware and software quality assurance labs as well as strained in thermal andlongevity tests to meet the exacting requirements of customers in this market,” says Samuel A. Recine, Matrox Graphics Director of Sales – Americas & Asia Pacific.

The Mura™ MPX series, featuring Gen 2.0 PCI Express® x16 connection interface, provides up to a maximum of four inputs and four outputs on a single card that can capture a variety of input sources then scale, rotate, position and display them across the video wall canvas in real-time. Video source feeds may include live videos from surveillance cameras, satellite signal receivers, high resolution HDCP-encrypted content from Blu–ray Disc™ players, software operating screens of PCs, servers, pads, etc. Users can configure the video display wall with great flexibility, opening one or multiple sessions on each display or spanning a single spreadsheet across several monitors—depending on the focus requirements of any given situation.

The advancement of video wall technology ischangingthe industrial landscape and the way we see and react to the world. In some critical applications, such as electric utility monitoring and military command and control rooms, system reliability and stability can be a matter of life and death, demanding the reliable and safe operation of powerful Matrox Mura™ MPX cards running with the most reliable Advantech premium video wall solutions. Advantech, with decades of experience in developing computing platforms for applications in various industrial sectors, sees the importance of the video wall mission and is proud to offer its best support.

Key Features:

•  Optimized BIOS supports multiple Mura™ MPX cards
•  Data bus architecture optimized for zero-latency video data switching
•  Wide operating temperaturerange provides high reliability in the field
•  High efficiency power solution meets multiple Mura™ MPX power requirements
•  Video wall can be remotely monitored and controlled

Advantech premium video wall solutions include a series of industrial serverboards, chassis and pre-configured systems – AVS-290, AVS-240, AVS-540, and AVS-541. For more information, please contact a local Advantech sales office, or visit our website at

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