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Visix Delivers Major Release With Axistv Version 8.0 Digital Signage Software

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AxisTV gets a facelift with a completely redesigned user interface, new background library, 64-bit support and new plug-ins.

Visix, Inc. has unveiled a major update of its premier digital signage software application, AxisTV version 8.0. The release includes a variety of new features, enhancements and bug fixes for a significantly improved user experience. Notable items of the update are a completely new user interface and background library, as well as 64-bit support for Microsoft Server 2008.


AxisTV’s user interface still runs in a web browser, but has been redesigned to provide a cleaner, more consistent content management experience through Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Both navigation and workflows have been improved by the new interface design:

  • The main menu uses a simple tab design for intuitive navigation.
  • Submenus rely on icon-based navigation for faster visual recognition and use.
  • Multi-page workflows have been collapsed into single pages for convenience.
  • Page refreshes are faster to speed up previewing and content management.
  • Content thumbnails have been enlarged for easier viewing.


AxisTV v.8.0 also includes a completely new background library designed by the Visix Creative Services team. It includes an assortment of handsome display layout wallpapers in six color schemes and various resolutions with matching message background sets for each. Clients can choose from the free background library when creating digital signage content or upload their own designs in a variety of aspect ratios. A handy foldering system makes background management simple and intuitive.


The module allows AxisTV users to publish content to smartphones and tablets using HTML5.

The module provides audiences with mobile digital signage and allows communicators to achieve a higher level of message saturation by turning mobile devices into digital signs.

The pre-designed module can be added to an existing web server, and is capable of determining the type of mobile device (Android or Apple) and formatting image-based content to that device. Users simply publish mobile content to a playlist within the AxisTV software that has been associated with the Mobile Module. The content can be viewed on smartphones and tablets with HTML5 compatible browsers, and users can swipe or tap to move through messages.

Some highlights of the Mobile Module are:

  • Deliver content to Android and Apple smartphones and tablets
  • Opt-in content viewing versus forced delivery
  • Content auto-sized with rotate, pan, zoom and tap functions
  • Simple integration with web servers
  • Easy ROI tracking through web stats
  • Effortless integration with AxisTV digital signage software


This desktop application allows AxisTV users to combine event data from Microsoft Exchange and EMS scheduling application calendars.

The Event Data Combiner is currently written to support Microsoft Exchange, EMS Professional, EMS Enterprise and EMS Master Calendar applications, but can be tailored to combine event schedule data from other applications upon request.

Some highlights of the Event Data Combiner are:

  • Desktop application with intuitive selectors
  • Multiple calendar data options
  • Polling interval of 1 to 1440 minutes
  • Date range from 1 to 365 days
  • Multiple trace logging options

The AxisTV v.8.0 software update is available for download from the company’s website and is free of charge to current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) clients. For complete software release notes and update requests, interested parties should visit the Software Updates section of the Visix web site at http://www.visix.com/software_updates.html.

Parties interested in purchasing the Mobile Module or Event Data Combiner plug-ins should contact salesteam [at] visix.com.

About Visix

Visix, Inc. designs, develops and supports a suite of browser-based digital signage products that allows users to create, manage and schedule organizational communications from anywhere and to deliver messages and media to virtually any endpoint. The company offers digital signage software, meeting room signs, and applications for targeted messaging to desktops and portable devices.

Learn more about Visix digital signage products and services at www.visix.com.

Source: Visix

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