October 3, 2022


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Kiwi Design and Digital Cloud, LLC Partner to Provide Innovative Solutions for Coffee Shops and Cafes with Magnetic and Digital Menu Boards

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The combination of magnetic and digital options allows a practical solution for all signage needs. From one location mom and pop shops to hundreds of chain locations, there are now options for managing content on site or remotely.

Since creating the magnetic menu board in the 1990’s Kiwi Design has been providing unmatched menu board content flexibility in the ‘non – digital’ menu board industry. With the addition of a web based digital signage solution Kiwi Design can now offer an ever expanding amount of powerful features to keep up with new in store media demands all while utilizing a new platform for creative design.

Digital Cloud Signage, LLC allows for remote content management of menu boards making it easy to change prices and promotions without even going to the store. Add videos, animation, and link to an endless amount of live internet feeds, such as twitter, to engage customers at a new level.

It is now possible to manage thousands of locations’ in store media remotely and even schedule content to update automatically; such as a menu shown during breakfast hours which seamlessly changes to a lunch menu at the time chosen. Revel Digital is the software that makes this possible. After developing an all in one platform for digital signage it has served virtually every industry. With pre-made template solutions for all industries, managing content is made very simple.

If users prefer to be hands off, Kiwi Design is well respected for creative design work and tech support is handled by Digital Cloud. An important note to take is when there is no internet access to a sign it will not shut off or change the display as schedules are downloaded to the player’s hard drive. This prevents any downtime and gives an opportunity to get back online at the content manager’s convenience. Notifications can automatically be sent if internet has lost connectivity so one can talk to the network service provider to get back online allowing one to once again control the signage..

Source: Kiwi Design

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