Saturday, September 23, 2023

NORCO New Open Pluggable Specification Compliant Solution for Intelligent Digital Signage Applications

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NORCO released a new open pluggable specification(OPS) compliant media player designed to make digital signage applications more connected, intelligent and secure. This compact media player is designed to slot in to the back of a signage player with support of Intel Next Generation Atom CPU, the cedar trail platform, offering better graphics at lower power consumption. Taking advantage of Intel’s new OPS standard, the new OPS solution BIS-6331 combines compact size and cutting-edge technology to provide greater scalability for digital signage applications.

Intel Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)

The open pluggable specification (OPS) helps standardize the design and development of digital signage devices and pluggable media players. Intel developed this standard is to simply the device installation, usage, maintenance and upgrade of digital signage infrastructure. The OPS specification benefits both digital signage system manufacturers and users. Modules compliant with OPS specification will be compatible with much more systems, enabling rich expansions and flexibility in digital signage applications. With an OPS motherboard OPS-4930, NORCO digital signage player BIS-6331 helps users upgrade their digital signage infrastructure more easily. Different from our first OPS module BIS-6330 released earlier this year, BIS-6331 supports Intel latest launched Cedar Trail platform, onboard Intel Atom N2800/D2550 processors with superb graphics and computing capability. This OPS module also support remote management and power saving mode, significantly reducing system power consumption and the total cost of ownership (TCO), securing a positive investment return.

Fanless Design, Redundant Connectivity

Digital signage is mostly used in relaxed and joyful environments such as super malls, cinemas, airports or advertising . Noise is a big consideration to select a digital signage system for applications in such environments. In the past, the traditional digital signage systems caused much noise to its working environment. FAN design is a crucial factor that caused system noise.To realize a noiseless working environment, BIS-6331 utilizes NORCO unique “ICEFIN” fanless design, noisless and with utra low power, making this module a power saving and green solution.

This cedar trail powered OPS module is rich with I/Os including two SATAII, two USB2.0, one Gigabit Ethernet, one HDMI video out and one HDMI provided by OPS extension, one slot for 3G/WiFi SMA antenna for wireless conmmunication. Equiped with two Mini PCIe, this module offers not only the cloud computing but also redundant connectivity via 3G/WiFi,etc.

Ultra-compact System, Unlimited Embedded Computing

The NORCO fanless open pluggable module dimension is only 200mm× 119mm× 30mm(W×D×H), which is easy and convenient to ship out, easy to setup and maintain, provides a faster time-to-market. The embedded OPS motherboard OPS-4930 is only 15mm×165mm, ultra compact, suitable for all kinds of digital signage application environments, even in the space-constrained environments, enabling unlimited embedded computing. Another prominent feature of this pluggable module is its external pluggable hard disk trays, enabling free and flexible data updating and replacement.

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Source: NORCO

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