Monday, December 11, 2023

AGL to launch outdoor, full HD digital signage LCD monitor series – featuring full HD, high brightness, direct sunlight applicability and extra long service lifespan

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As LCD monitors become more commoditized, there is an increasing demand for applying them as advertising display media or digital signage boards.  However, due to brightness, life time or operation temperature limitations, users generally find it difficult to use regular LCD monitors to serve outdoor-displaying or store window-dressing purposes.  Specially designed for window signage, outdoor and public digital information applications, AGL now launches a series of 22-inch, 24-inch and 32-inch commercial LCD monitors with 1920×1080 full HD resolution, 1000 nit high brightness, excellent gray scale and high contrast ratio.  As for outdoors, AGL also provides solutions suitable for outdoor LCD applications with the following features:

* water proof
* direct sunlight applicable
* high reliable touch screen
* wide ambient operation temperature (-30 to 60 C)

AGL’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Tsai Jun-Hui indicated, “High brightness, high image quality and high reliability are three keys to success in digital signage applications!”  Because commercial space or outdoor environment is commonly interleaved with strong bright spot lights, if the LCD board of interest did not demonstrate sufficient brightness, it would be difficult to attract people’s attention.  Meanwhile, to meet commercial request of digital signage, Dr. Tsai stressed, “if LCD monitors cannot afford long life time, it could result in substantial maintenance costs”, whereas AGL LCD monitors offer emerging applications  revolutionized specifications with high brightness, ultra-long 100,000-hour life-time and three years warranty.

Source: Applied Green Light

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