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Luxe City Center Hotel Creates New Sensory Experience with Americhip Studio Interactive Video Art

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Close up of van Gogh Americhip Studio Montage Display

Americhip’s new Studio Montage and Video Rail seamlessly blends technology and art form to create immersive visual experience for hotel guests

Americhip®, the leading manufacturer of Multisensory® advertising and marketing solutions, announced today that the Luxe City Center Hotel has purchased and installed their new Studio Montage(TM) and Video Rail(TM) video display system to bring about a new visual sensory experience for the hotel’s patrons.

Americhip Studio Montage at Luxe Hotel ReceptionVideo Rail System at Luxe City Center HotelThe downtown Los Angeles hotel, which recently completed a multimillion-dollar makeover with 178 guestrooms including 16 luxury suites, boasts a warm, classically elegant atmosphere complemented by exceptional service and indulgent amenities for their multi-national clientele. “We want our guests to have an immersive multi-level sensory experience, from the décor and artwork to the food they eat to the interaction with our hotel staff,” said John Kelly, Luxe City Center Hotel vice president and general manager. Adding to the guests’ culinary and visual experience is their new Northern Italian cuisine style restaurant, FigOly, from celebrity chef Alex Reznik; and a rare collection of artwork to see and enjoy from celebrated artists like William Haines’ Ice Crystal sconce design, Michael Curry’s Metamorphamirror and Jonathan Borofsky’s Human Structures, to name a few.

Americhip’s Studio Montage and Video Rail were placed in strategic locales to complete the immersive visual experience. “Our interior design firm SANDdesign recommended Americhip’s new video art technology to be the cornerstone of our guest experience, adding that it would complement our décor and ambience philosophy perfectly,” continued Kelly. “We installed the Studio Montage featuring Van Gogh’s Starry Night video animation behind our front reception desk and the 168 display Video Rail, with each display featuring individual artist vignettes as the center piece for our new bar – all high-traffic areas where we could create a visually emotional experience.”

The Studio Montage and Video Rail incorporate visually appealing aesthetic display and record/playback technologies that allow users to configure content to match the mood and setting of the environment. Imagery, animations or video are edited, compiled and software encoded to an AVI file and input to each high resolution display and accompanying video processor/memory unit via a USB port. In turn, each screen can playback up to 45 minutes of unique video content. “Our new interactive video art technology gives the Luxe City Center Hotel a compelling alternative to traditional static art, single video display or static signage in delivering their brand message or helping to create a compelling immersive experience,” added Tim Clegg, CEO of Americhip. “The Studio Montage brings to life the works of artists like Monet, Sisley, Renoir, Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Klimt in an intensely original moving presentation that combines fine art and digital technology that is pixel perfect and true to the original works’ intent. Video Rail is an extremely vibrant and dynamic multi-video display system that can be configured as either an informational, promotional or entertainment delivery tool for engaging audiences in a unique fashion to deliver compelling and impactful dynamic visual imagery in a variety of settings.”

In keeping with the hotel’s philosophy of relaxed engagement, the Americhip Studio Van Gogh Montage behind the reception desk provides the hotel’s clientele with a unique first impression of things to come during their stay. “Our guests upon seeing the dynamic art form take shape are awestruck and often stay in the lobby to engage our staff, or just to relax and view the full rotation of the video vignette,” explained Kelly, “Unlike many hotels where guests are quickly shuffled through the check in and out process—our guests absolutely love the experience.” During the video sequence, Van Gogh’s powerful and dramatic style is immediately identifiable —and his signature thick, heavy strokes lend themselves perfectly to Americhip’s animation magic. A gently turning windmill borders a farm in the sleepy Dutch countryside. Day becomes night as a familiar Van Gogh sky swirls from bright and cloud-filled into deep Prussian blue. Large swirling stars twinkle, a fiery crescent moon emerges and fades away, wide sweeps of light appear and disappear like rivers of shooting stars while the thick brushstrokes pulsate rhythmically in the dramatic night sky. “Where the Studio Montage’s goal is to make our guests relax, the Video Rail that’s installed in our bar with its 168 different displays (28 rails x 6 screens at 4.1″ per screen) of individual artists’ video vignettes is meant to entertain guests and act as a centerpiece of conversation. The unique interactive artwork complements our bar program philosophy of creating individualistic custom beverages that adds to Luxe experience.”

“Americhip’s team of technical and artistic craftsmen has been exemplary— from the design of the displays to the creation of custom video vignettes that are unique to our hotel, to the aftermarket support,” enthused Kelly. “Americhip offers a unique blend of technology, artwork and service to deliver an affordable interactive guest experience that’s reconfigurable and will live from one renovation to the next—just pick up the phone and call Americhip to get a new experience and different piece of art. That’s a fantastic return on investment and a win-win for all.”

“The Luxe City Center Hotel purchase of our Studio Montage and Video Rail solutions is a testament to the ever-increasing market adoption of our Interactive Video Art technology and of our ongoing commitment to drive innovation, while further establishing our technological leadership in providing the best-in-class multisensory advertising and marketing systems to our continually growing multi-national award winning clientele. We have the largest collection of video art from artists such as the abstract expressionist, Johannes Boekhoudt, to Charlie White, Brian Zick, Everett Peck, Jay Vigon, Jose Cruz and Jayme Odgers. In less than a year, Americhip has become the go-to source for video art and creative content,” concluded Clegg.

About Americhip
Americhip, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is the nation’s leader in the design, development and manufacture of Multisensory® advertising and marketing technologies. Americhip produces a full range of products that incorporate video, audio and lighted microchip technology and dimensional print for magazine inserts, print collateral, direct mail, packaging, shopper marketing, premiums and specialty gift cards. Americhip recently invented, commercialized and patented Video in Print® technology, an innovative marketing communication solution that delivers video directly into print, packaging and point of sale executions. The company has earned a reputation as an innovative partner who can help Fortune 500 companies reach and engage their target audiences in a wholly unique manner. Americhip has sales offices throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Australia; with manufacturing facilities in California, Mexico and China. For more information about Americhip, call 888-702-3382 or visit us at

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