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Meridian Launches Interactive Digital Signage Solution Powered by Mzero Application Platform

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Meridian logoThe Concept to Completion™ design process results in a measurable solution for self-service ROI.

Digital signage is expected to experience double digit growth in the coming years. Nielsen’s ‘4th Screen Network Audience Report’ identifies digital screens in the “fourth screen” category in the US having generated over 237 million monthly exposures to persons 18+ years or older. In order to provide a turn-key solution for Meridian’s clientele, Meridian designed an interactive signage solution and powered the solution with their proprietary software, Mzero Application Platform (MAP). The digital signage solution utilizes VoIP, SMS messaging and QR codes to maximize client branding and user interaction.

Digital signage solutions are most commonly utilized in the retail, entertainment, travel, hospitality, healthcare, financial and tourism industry yet continue to expand verticals as the self-service technology footprint expands. Meridian’s digital signage solution can be interactive with way finding, virtual assistance, product information and a host of other applications to increase customer satisfaction and usage. The solution also provides options for additional screens to increase in-store digital signage to maximize client branding. Chris Gilder, Founder and CEO stated “Meridian’s digital signage solution offers a high return on investment by maximizing client branding and increasing customer satisfaction. Our client’s across the globe have expanded their presence with our solution and because of the flexibility in components and our on-site manufacturing facility; we have been able to deliver exceptional solutions quickly.”

Meridian’s proprietary Mzero Application Platform (MAP) powers the digital signage solution. The MAP phone service provides an all-software approach to voice over IP (VoIP) calling over the internet via wired, wireless or 4G cellular network using the kiosk’s optional telephone handset, phone pad or on-screen prompts. MAP also sends outbound SMS messaging to maximize advertising opportunities and expanded branding to mobile devices. QR Codes can be incorporated to allow users to transfer information instantly to their mobile phone.

Proprietary Meridian software, Mzero Management Server (MMS) Data Sync provides key analytics for the digital signage solution. MMS Data Sync is a content management service that publishes and maintains profile-based content targeted to a specific area. The MMS Data Sync will collect content changes and update the content per a defined schedule. MMS provides key analytics for measuring return including impressions, clicks, calls and sms. Meridian also offers downloadable summary reports of all advertising click impressions. The monthly report from Web Service Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provides upstream Return on Investment (ROI) data.

A new unique feature expanding the digital signage reach; MAP provides a dynamic and extensible multi-language support for displaying content in ten languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

MAP provides a foundation for the company to create rich interactive experiences with digital signage that is measurable, manageable and accessible. Meridian uses the same MAP platform to develop turnkey solutions for clients, also offering the same platform to any Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to leverage the same capabilities. Mr. Gilder continued “Meridian’s digital signage solution creates an opportunity for businesses to maximize their investment, build their brand while having the accessibility to measure their results real time. Meridian is poised to expand in the digital signage market with our self-service interactive solution which addresses both marketing and financial requirements.”

Employing Meridian’s Concept to Completion™ process, Meridian created a robust solution for digital signage and advertising opportunities. Whether a business is looking to expand their service center, build their brand, provide informational support; Meridian’s digital signage solution with multi language capabilities and optional components offers faster go to market options which maximizes return on investment.

About Meridian:
Meridian is an award winning, established leader, providing full service solutions for the self-service kiosk industry. Recognized for expertise, quality, design, flexibility, style, software and partnerships; Meridian provides solutions to some the largest companies in the world. The Self-Service Technology Center (SSTC), in Bentonville, AR, in partnership with Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Storm and Key Innovations and Zebra Technologies attests to Meridian as the leader for self-service solutions. The corporate headquarters and kiosk manufacturing facilities are located in Aberdeen, NC and the Meridian software solution center is located in Ontario, Canada. For more information:

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