June 3, 2023


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Advantech 31.5″ 1200-nit Ultra High Brightness Display Kit Perfect for Outdoor Applications

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Advantech announces the launch of IDK-2131 series of large-sized 1200-nit ultra-high brightness LED display kits. Advantech IDK-2131 series is currently the largest size of display product in Advantech’s product line. The series extends the benefits of the current IDK series, providing cost-effective display solutions that offer maximum flexibility in mechanical design, and proven compatibility with Advantech embedded boards and systems. The IDK-2131 series comes with a 31.5″ 1200-nit industrial grade LCD panel, and an LED driver board. The new series is three times brighter than standard models, providing superior sunlight readability. Equipped with superior sunlight readability and large format size, this series is designed to be used for outdoor applications such as: public information kiosks, advertising, video walls, and more.

Excellent Sunlight Readability and Wide Viewing Angle
Display brightness is important because it affects readability under different lighting environments. Advantech IDK-2131 series features 1200-nit brightness which is bright enough to be read in direct sunlight; its excellent display visibility makes it the perfect choice for sunlight readable solutions. Moreover, the series supports wide viewing angles of 89/ 89/ 89/ 89∘for better outdoor viewing. With a high level of brightness and wide viewing angles, IDK-2131 series provides optimal readability, whether in direct or indirect sunlight conditions, and is ideal for all applications, indoors or outdoors.

Low Power Consumption with Intelligent Light Sensing Technology
One major concern about high brightness large format displays is power consumption. With intelligent high brightness LED technology, Advantech is able to upgrade display brightness up to 1200-nit, yet with low power consumption, longer product life, and stable operation. Advantech IDK-2131 series only consumes a little more power than a standard 31.5” LCD kit but achieves 3 times its brightness. For example, a 31.5” LCD at 450-nit usually consumes 58.6W while Advantech IDK-2131 series at 1200-nit only consumes 61.9W, resulting in displays that run cooler with maximum reliability. In addition, the surface temperature of the LCD panel is below 40°C under turn-on conditions due to the low heating effect making these devices ideal for any location. Most important of all, equipped with an auto-sensor on the LED backlight, IDK-2131 can automatically adjust its brightness to the external environment. The sensor can detect ambient light in the external environment, and increases the display brightness when the ambient light gets stronger and decreases the brightness otherwise, thus significantly saving energy up to 50%.

The IDK-2131 offers an excellent sunlight readable solution with low consumption and low LCD surface temperatures. This series is designed for system integrators, providing both indoor and outdoor solutions. Please visit the website for further information: http://www.advantech.eu/embcore/industrialdisplays.aspx

IDK-2131 Series
1200-nit Ultra High Brightness LED Display with LVDS Interface

•    31.5” LED display kits supporting HD(1366 x 768) resolution
•    1200-nit brightness with LED backlight
•    Low power consumption
•    Superior sunlight readability
•    Green LED backlight with prolonged 50,000 hrs lifespan
•    Wide viewing angle: 89 /89 /89 /89∘
•    80% high uniformity
•    LVDS signal interface
•    Proven compatibility with Advantech embedded boards and systems
•    Perfect for semi-out door and out-door applications such as public information kiosks, advertising, video walls, and more.

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