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Armagard Supply Enclosures for the new Emirates Air Line

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Emirates Air Line London Indoor Unit 2012 ArmagardArmagard, outdoor specialists in digital signage and hardware protection, build custom enclosures for the Emirates Air Line, the UK’s first cable car transport system in London.

Launched on the 28th June 2012, London’s new cable car system operated by Transport for London offers alternative transport for the city, and connects the 02 Arena in Greenwich, with the Royal Docks in East London. Treated to aerial views of the city that reach up to 300ft, passengers will experience a journey taking up to 5 minutes and will feature 360° views of the local area, such as the 02 Arena and Canary Wharf’s financial sector.

The project presented a great opportunity to install a new digital signage system, one that could be used for advertising, promotions and public information for users of the system. With a history of high profile installations, like their recent Euro 2012 Stadium and New Delhi Metro installations, Armagard, enclosure specialists in digital signage and hardware protection, were therefore contacted to build four video-wall enclosures for the new and ambitious development.

Working with Emirates to deliver the best solution possible, four enclosures were created varying across two different designs; with each style using a different screen size, the larger enclosure measuring 165” and the smaller design at 105”. Installed with a series of fans to transfer heat away and keep the screens cool, the units were also manufactured from stainless steel, not only to match the design qualities of the building, but also to provide corrosion and rust protection against water.

Emirates Air Line London Outdoor Unit 2012 ArmagardProviding environmental protection and security from physical impact, Armagard’s standard range of LCD enclosures are designed to house almost any type of commercial grade advertising display, and are easily integrated with media players and TV aerials. Available from 19” to 70”, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations, Armagard LCD enclosures protect against heavy rain, dust, extreme temperatures, high impact forces and electrical surges.

With one of each enclosure style installed at either end of the crossing, enclosures are situated outside, just before boarding and inside the main foyer. Creating a great first impression for new visitors to London, the video walls can be used to maximum effect and enhance the traveller’s experience.

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Source: Armagard

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