Saturday, April 13, 2024

Crambo Visuales becomes signagelive wholesaler in Spain

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Crambo Visuales logoSignagelive, a provider of digital signage software, has chosen the wholesale market value for Crambo Visuales in the Spanish market its entire product range. This provider of cloud-based software multilingual digital signage currently has more than 15,000 customers worldwide and this year the level of the fifth to second in the ranking of the thirty best sellers of digital signage software that publishes DailyDooh .

One of the contributions of the product range to distribute signagelive Crambo Visuales in Spain is the collaboration of this provider Rackspace Hosting, one of the leading international property solutions in the cloud, and allows your customers to have the same service from web browser anywhere. It is also compatible with many hardware and even it is possible to combine different hardware.

The advantages of signagelive over other providers of digital signage software is that no upfront costs; is scalable from a player a thousand, you can use both its own and third party software, manages the network from anywhere, has a software comprehensive and free updates, which is coupled to a simple installation and technical support free too.

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Source: signagelive

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