June 3, 2023


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IPC2U enters partnership with signagelive

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IPC2U is glad to announce partnership with renowned digital signage software company signagelive. As IPC2U already offers a wide range of digital signage hardware, you can just buy a comprehensive solution with well-founded and competent consultation, which will entirely satisfy you and your customers. Therefore it is possible to improve the performance of you digital signage system significantly. The impact of advertising or infotainment increases considerably, at the same time the solution reduces efforts and costs for management of complex digital signage systems, e.g. if advertising is played back and managed at 30 different locations.

What is digital signage?
Digital signage is considered as networked audio and visual information system which content can be either program-controlled or manually controlled. Such content is digital media like video clips, images, texts, sounds, presentations, TV, lists, news ticker etc.

Technology and requirements
Regarding hardware a so called player is required – this can be some conventional PC or fanless thin client, which has access to the Internet. You also need an output device, which is connected to the player in order to play back the content. This can be a beamer, plain display or video wall systems. Also deployment of Panel PCs is an opportunity – it consists of player and output device in one unit.
Content distribution is proceeded by the signagelive content management software.
Due to the cloud solution of signagelive your content will be saved in the cloud and can be distributed from there to single players. Thus the user does not need his own server. The content can be processed directly in the cloud. The content processing can be made with any browser having Internet access.
Generally, it is of vital importance that all the content is adjusted to the respective play back locations. This can be managed by an administrator from the central control location; moreover the software allows employees to adapt content to their individual location.
As soon as it is ready, media content can be played back according to the schedule at the connected output devices.
To make the entry in the digital signage project we offer prefabricated signagelive bundles. These bundles contain all features to be necessary to play back your content with minimal efforts.

For further information please contact: sales [at] ipc2U.de or by FON: +49 (0)511 807 259 0

About IPC2U

“Industrial PC to You” Company does it’s best to advance technologies in the fields of industrial computers and sophisticated server solutions. Through it’s 19 years history “Industrial PC to You” Company has achieved the significant results in developing computer systems. Now it provides world wide known quality hardware and software for industrial automation, embedded systems and Internet applications.

Not so many suppliers are able to meet the demands for a great number of computer products and configurations, which are specific to industrial computer market. Only having complete information about the vast number of products it is possible to create configuration that closely meets user’s expectations. Moreover, components reliability and compatibility also have to be taken into consideration. Direct partnership relations with product manufacturers is one of the conditions, providing reasonable prices for high quality products.

Source: signagelive