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Minicom Digital Signage and Remote Media agree on cooperation to integrate products, leading to a powerful solution for the digital signage market

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Minicom Digital Signage logoMinicom Digital Signage, the leader in “last mile” player-to-screen connectivity platforms for the Digital Signage marketplace, has announced the expansion of their product abilities in conjunction with Remote Media.

The United Kingdom based company Remote Media has integrated Minicom Digital Signage solution into their digital signage application signagelive. The DS Vision® 3000 by Minicom Digital Signage is the unique system on the market to include fully bi-directional RS-232 communication, which allows remote monitoring of screen operation time, view screen status, adjust volume and brightness and turn screens on/off, all from your own console, therefore, narrowcasting high-definition video and stereo-audio from one player to multiple remote screens located up to 600m/2000ft away over CAT5 cable. All this can now be done over the internet with the signagelive application.

“With the technology cooperation with signagelive, we further strengthen our offering to the market. Remote Media is a technology leader in the market and renowned for its innovative product and marketing initiatives. We are proud to work with this outstanding team of excellent professionals and strongly believe it will lead to major joint opportunities in the near future. We will further work on deepening our partnership, providing network operators and end-users with leading edge and fully integrated solutions.” says Ronni Guggenheim, CEO Minicom Digital Signage Div.

“The Minicom DS Vision range of products have become the industry standard for Digital Signage networks, deploying sites with multiple displays connected to a single player. By incorporating native support for Minicom DS Vision products within signagelive, we have created a powerful solution enabling the update, management and control of thousands of screens across any number of locations, all from a standard web browser.” says Jason Cremins, CEO Remote Media.

About Minicom Digital Signage:

Minicom Digital Signage is the world leader in the manufacturing of advanced multimedia platforms. The company’s award winning solutions enable transmitting rich content from a media player to multiple digital displays located hundreds of meters/feet away. Today over a quarter of a million screens worldwide run using Minicom technology. Minicom Digital Signage is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of digital out-of-home multimedia platforms. As a result of its success, Minicom became an Intel Capital portfolio company and was selected as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 company.

About Remote Media:

The multi-award winning signagelive® from Remote Media enables a diverse range of customers worldwide across every industry sector to manage and distribute digital media content over the Internet to a comprehensive range of devices from mobile phones to large format displays. Unlike expensive and inflexible on-premise alternatives, signagelive® is a multi-tenant, subscription based solution hosted in the Cloud. Using a standard web browser, signagelive® customers can manage a single player through to a multi-country network of thousands of devices.

For more information:

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Source: Minicom Digital Signage

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