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JANUS Displays adds glasses-free 3D digital signage to product portfolio through partnership with Dimenco

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JANUS Displays logoRepresentatives of both companies will be in Baltimore this week at HITEC Booth 2406 to unveil JANUS Displays 3D content on an award-winning glasses-free 3D display.

Morrow Technologies, the creator of JANUS® Displays and leader in innovative digital signage experiences, announces a business development and reseller partnership with Dimenco Displays, the 3D technology provider for Philips Digital Signage, this week in Baltimore at HITEC 2012. Glasses-free 3D video content creation services, 2D to 3D content creation services, and award-winning glasses-free 3D displays are now available as part of the JANUS Displays product portfolio.

“We believe consumer technology demand is a leading indicator that gives us insight into guest expectations,” says Sharon Morrow, president of Morrow Technologies. “People are increasingly buying 3D televisions and going to 3D movies. It’s cool, and people want more. We’ve been monitoring advances in 3D display technology to find one suitable for digital signage without glasses that could meet our standards for quality. We’re excited to have finally found one that’s worthy of placement in a hotel lobby.”

The JANUS Displays creative design team is creating custom 3D content such as branded welcome messages, advertisements, and digital video art. The team can create 3D video out of existing 2D concepts, and convert video to 3D.

“Soon after our initial discussions, the JANUS Displays creative team impressed us with how fast they picked up the content creation and how well they did it,” says Cynthia Goodman, vice president of business development – North America at Dimenco Displays. “We are eager to debut this amazing product in hotel lobbies worldwide within JANUS Displays digital signage networks.”

The benefit of a 3D display in a JANUS Displays network most importantly offers another opportunity to enhance the guest experience. Studies and observations have shown that it catches and holds attention. A recent in-store study that Dimenco conducted in collaboration with Red Bull proved that 3D advertising increases viewer attention by almost 45% with an increase in Red Bull sales of 8.5% at that location.

Multiple sizes are available, including 23”, 42”, and 55”. The displays offer 28 views to ensure smooth picture quality, while the 150 degree viewing angle gives the viewer the freedom to see the 3D content from any viewpoint. Video wall configurations of 55” displays are available with a zero bezel of less than half an inch and can be designed up to 3×3 for maximum 3D thrill.

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About Morrow Technologies Corporation

Since 1984, Morrow Technologies has been delivering innovative digital signage experiences. The flagship JANUS Displays product line is designed to inform and delight guests and visitors at hotels, hospitals, military bases, universities, casinos, and more. It offers management the ability to strengthen communication and engagement with guests through animated, interactive displays of event listings, wayfinding, local maps, weather, dining reservations, flight status / check in, menu boards, advertising, directories, emergency messaging, and more. Full service signage offerings are provided, including software, hardware, enclosures, installation, custom software development and custom design services. The company reaches millions of people daily through its 15,000+ installed networks. Visit

About Dimenco

Dimenco is an independent company, which was founded by four men formerly employed by Philips in its 3D venture, who all share the same passion for 3D technology. The company offers end-to-end 3D solutions which include 3D displays, components, rendering solutions, software and content conversion services. Furthermore, they provide consultancy services to several leading industry players. Dimenco also acquired a 3D technology license from Philips, enabling them to commercially use and further develop this technology.

JANUS is a registered trademark of Morrow Technologies Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Source: JANUS Displays

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