Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Intermedia Touch Creates Interactive Touch-Screen Race Game For Casino Promotions!

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Miami, Fla. – Intermedia Touch takes casino promotions to the next level with the launching of a new touch-screen race game. This dynamic virtual race can be played with up to 6 contestants at a time racing through dangerous curves and challenging obstacles with the hopes of crossing the finish line first. Players will cheer on their colored car and notable characters as they progress through this game with heart-pounding sound effects, complete with 2D animation and comedic video enhancements.

This is just another example of a creative promotion that has been produced by Intermedia Touch. Other popular casino promotions are $75,000 Strip Poker, Lucky Charms, Angry Turkeys Take Las Vegas, Cyber Space, and Lucky U Lotto.

Intermedia Touch is a front-runner in developing custom casino promotions with touch-screen video walls, kiosks, and hologlass displays. Whether a casino is looking to have a game designed from the ground up, or use an existing game with simple branding enhancements, Intermedia Touch is just the company to make that happen.

Intermedia Touch is located at 2600 NW 75th Ave, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33122. For more information, call 305-517-3894 or visit online at .

Source: Intermedia Touch

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