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ONELAN powers L’Oreal virtual mannequin

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ONELAN powers LOreal virtual mannequinLa Oveja Negra the advertising agency responsible for La Roche-Posay, a brand owned by L’Oreal, wanted a full size (1:1) virtual mannequin with audio and video capabilities that could be moved freely around a store to increase sales of their products.

RPS Audiovisuales, ONELAN’s distributor in Spain, designed the mannequin using special films suitable for showing projections.
A ONELAN Millenium 5500 Net-Top-Box (NTB) was used with an HD projector, mini audio amplifier and speakers and a movement sensor.

ONELAN was selected for its reliability and the ability to display HD content. In addition, RS-232 Out (data) and GPIO In (sensor) integration was essential to ensure automatic operation, as well as a frame accurate video loop.  MP4 is used to ensure smooth video playback.

Several technical challenges had to be overcome to make the mannequin truly automated and realistic.  Firstly playback has to start when someone approaches it. A movement sensor is installed in the mannequin’s legs, with RS-232 GPIO ports used to trigger the NTB.  Secondly, to prevent projector lamp malfunction, RS-232 data is sent out every day when the store is about to close.

It is also essential to be able to turn off the mannequin without shutting down the AC outlet. This has been achieved by using a small button connected to another GPIO port on the NTB to trigger the off function.

The end result is very realistic and customers are very impressed.

About RPS Audiovisuales
Established 17 years ago, RPS Audiovisuales have a stronghold in the Spanish Audiovisual market, selling into a large number of sectors including Education, Government and Public Administration, Hospitals, and Hospitality. Due to the growth in demand for digital signage in Spain, RPS Audiovisuales needed a simple to use solution that does not rely on Windows, and chose Onelan’s Net-Top-Box for this reason.

Source: ONELAN

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