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Zoom Media augments digital network with Nautilus Plus

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Zoom Media Group Inc. (Zoom), the country’s largest and fastest growing fitness digital media company, is pleased to announce that it has dramatically increased its digital screen presence in Nautilus Plus fitness facilities in Quebec.  Nautilus Plus is the province’s well-being and fitness-integrated provider that combines nutrition coaching with exercise regimens and healthy lifestyle advice.  Zoom launched its Flexcast digital media interface — which is made up of high definition overhead entertainment and digital signage in 39 Nautilus Plus locations in the spring of 2011, with an average of 10 per cent of the screens within each venue.  As of May 2012 the number has considerably increased to 25 per cent of the screens in the greater Montreal area.

“Our goal is to increase Zoom’s already extensive reach and we are delighted to develop our partnership with this highly successful and unique lifestyle and health-enhancing organization,” says François de Gaspé Beaubien, CEO, Zoom Media, Canada.  “Nautilus Plus speaks to a very dynamic and specific demographic in the Quebec market and, as such, delivers a very valuable asset to our clients,” he added.

Nautilus Plus uses Zoom’s digital network to entertain its members, provide compelling health and wellness tips as well as communicate the latest promotions and in-club activities to its members.

“Nautilus Plus is not satisfied with merely offering quality services and products,” says Richard Blais, president, Nautilus Plus.  “We want to actively participate in the well-being of the population by offering an accessible solution, which facilitates the practice of regular physical activity and healthy food choices.  Our partnership with Zoom and its roster of products fits our commitment to working with organizations that believe in a global health approach,” he adds.

“We are excited to be able to offer our advertisers the ability to reach upscale, healthy and active consumers while they are spending time in one of their favorite lifestyle facilities,” says Dora Alexander, director of digital business development, Zoom Media, Canada.  “Our system can alternate its programming from split screen to full screen format for maximum exposure within the gym remotely, and advertising rotation is guaranteed with our patented technology,” she explained.

About Nautilus Plus

Nautilus Plus plays an active role in the well-being of its members to improve their health and quality of life.  Its specialists are university trained in nutrition and physical activity, and a variety of specialized programs are offered to help members meet their specific goals.  With state-of-the-art equipment, well-lit, air-conditioned facilities, Nautilus Plus promises measureable results.  (

About Zoom Media

Zoom Media Inc. is the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada, comprising more than 30,000 billboards in over 4,000 establishments across 30 markets, including Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.  Zoom Media reaches specific target audiences through eight complementary networks that include resto-bars, college and university campuses, and fitness centers.  Research, event marketing, creative production and media integration services are also provided.  Zoom Media provides third-party media measurement through Nielsen media performance audits of all Zoom clients.  Zoom Media is a member of COMB and provides audited circulation of its advertising panels which report 99.4 per cent accuracy in our performance, the highest percentage of all OOH companies that are audited by COMB.  Zoom Media is also a founding member of OMAC and a board member of CODA.  Overall, Zoom Media Group Inc. owns and operates over 80,000 billboards across North America and Europe, of which more than 26,000 are digital.  (


For additional information or to arrange an interview with a Zoom spokesperson, please contact Susan Willemsen or David De Medicis at The Siren Group Inc.  Tel: (416) 461-5270.  Fax: (416) 778-9047.  Email: info [at], or on Twitter @thesirengroup.

Source: Zoom Media

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