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Migratory Music Launches Digital Music Distribution and HD Advertising Kiosks, the Ovation Towers, for Artists, Live Music Venues and Their Fans

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HD Advertising Kiosks the Ovation TowersPartners Include Nederlander Concerts (The Greek Theatre and City National Grove of Anaheim), MediaNet, Abbey Road Live, SeePoint Technology, Aderra Media Technologies, YCD Multimedia

The Ovation Tower, the music industry’s first live digital media distribution kiosk and HD digital advertising platform, developed for major music venues, today announced deals with Nederlander Concerts, MediaNet, Abbey Road Live, SeePoint Technology, Aderra Media Technologies and YCD Multimedia. An e-commerce solution for rights holders and a new platform for the live fan, the Ovation Tower is a product of Migratory Music that enables the on-site digital distribution of live concert performances immediately following the performance and the artists’ digital music catalog. Additionally, Ovation Towers offer promotional content and a direct-to-fan digital advertising platform for artists, venue partners and outside vendors.

“There is nothing comparable to the experience of a live show. However, few artists issue live recordings and when they do, it’s generally many months after the concert has taken place,” said Ian Murray, President of Migratory Music and inventor of the Ovation Tower platform. “As a music fan and frequent attendee of live events, I found even the best concert experiences broken. With technology a passion of mine, I set out to develop a platform which would broaden the live experience for music fans and provide benefits to artists and multiple facets of the music industry.”

Created to bring music fans closer to their favorite artists with a personal and instant audible memory from a live concert, the Ovation Tower completed beta testing at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and City National Grove of Anaheim during 2011 and has fifteen kiosks installed for its second season at The Greek, which began May 4. Capturing a live performance on-site, using an innovative recording process and seasoned team of sound engineers from live powerhouse Aderra, the Ovation crew can produce a studio-quality live album available for purchase from the Ovation Towers before, during or after the performance.

“We are pleased with our partnership with Migratory Music and thrilled to enhance the experience for concert goers at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The Greek was the first venue to partner with Migratory Music and install the Ovation Towers last year. Since then, we have installed the Towers at City National Grove of Anaheim, another Nederlander Concerts venue,” said Rena Wasserman, VP of Operations for Nederlander Concerts and GM of The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. “Being able to offer concert goers a live recording immediately following concerts is a great amenity, plus the visual impact that the Towers present at the venues complements the overall experience.”

In addition to the attendee being able to order their live album anytime throughout the show, the Ovation Towers offer a hand-selected digital catalog tailored to the genre of each show with content from all the majors and many independent labels through its music licensing deal with MediaNet. The Ovation Tower has digital distribution rights to sell the artists’ full digital catalog, as well as the capability to offer promotional tracks in support of new artists, photos, videos, eBooks, sponsor ads, deals and other exclusive content.

Ovation live albums are available for under $20, while digital catalog albums are sold for under $15.

With a simple touch-screen user interface and transaction time of less than a minute in most cases, consumers have the option to download the live content to their portable device via the dock or USB connectivity on the Tower console in addition to receiving a secure link via email to download their purchase at home.

Through its HD digital advertising platform, the Ovation Tower offers an additional revenue stream for artists, venues and advertisers. When five Ovation Towers are aligned, a ten-foot wide by three-foot tall HD video billboard is created, driving traffic and attention to venue schedules and sponsor advertisements. The ads are customized on a nightly basis and tailored to the demographic, event and venue to optimally engage digital consumers and heighten awareness of upcoming events, new releases, featured advertisements and more. The Towers’ HD billboards are powered by YCD Multimedia’s MuVi Wall software and are customized for each venue in a configuration of one to five screens.

“As the manager of up-and-coming independent soul artist, Allen Stone, I was looking for new and engaging ways to get his name out to music fans, and ultimately help generate revenue down the road,” said B.J. Olin, Artist Manager, Red Light. “The promotional opportunities and benefits that the Ovation Tower platform had to offer us were exciting and unique. Working closely with Ian, we created a promotional download offer for Allen’s first single and a relative digital billboard campaign which enabled us to raise awareness of him to over 100,000 SoCal attendees of The Greek and the Grove. If that weren’t enough, Migratory alerted those that had downloaded the single to his upcoming shows in the greater Los Angeles area months later. Since last summer, Allen has sold out every date that he’s performed in the area and there’s no doubt that the Ovation Tower exposure was a key component in making this possible.”

About the Ovation Towers

The Ovation Tower is the music industry’s first live digital media distribution and HD advertising kiosk developed for major music venues. An e-commerce solution for rights holders, the Ovation Tower enables on-site digital distribution of a live performance within minutes of a show’s conclusion, as well as access to the artists’ full digital music catalog, promotional tracks and exclusive content. Through its HD digital billboard advertising platform, participating artists, venues and brand partners are able to share in new revenue opportunities and engage digital consumers for heightened awareness of upcoming events, new releases and featured advertisements. Developed by Ian Murray, the Ovation Tower is a product of Migratory Music.

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