Saturday, September 30, 2023

Acquire Digital’s installation flourishes at Chelsea Flower Show

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A garden commissioned by the Leicester children’s hospice, Rainbows, which included a digital installation developed by the Working Solutions has won the silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Working with De Montfort University’s Retail Lab the Leicester based company, Working Solutions, contributed their expertise to the project to create something truly organic at the world famous show.

The unique garden built by Second Nature Gardens in association with Derry’s Nurseries, was designed specifically for hospice staff, parents and children as an area that promoted relaxation and reflection.

To enhance the overall experience and inject a modern dimension into the show an interactive installation was developed by Working Solutions in conjunction with other partners. The digital installation combines audio stimulation, with visitor profile recognition to trigger a series of digital projections within the garden environment.

The software behind the installation was powered by Acquire Digital which is a product range developed by Working Solutions (Creative IT). The Acquire software used a special Quividi plug-in which can detect and distinguish between age and gender.

The Acquire software is then responsible for selecting the digital content based on the information provided and keeps the content projected for the length of time required, ignoring further triggers to create a nice even mix of projections.

The garden has already been recognized for its nod to current trends and has won the silver medal within the ‘Fresh’ category.

Neil Farr, Managing Director at Working Solutions, reported ‘it is an enormous privilege to be involved and to be able to contribute to such a prestigious event. We would like to congratulate the team on winning the silver medal.’

The garden will be recreated at the hospice in Loughborough after the show has finished.

About Acquire Digital

Acquire Digital is the software range developed by working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd that has aided the revolution of digital interaction. We provide a comprehensive range of software solutions specifically designed for digital signage, displays and interactive kiosks.

Source: Acquire Digital

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