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VisuZ converts 2D panels into glasses-free

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VisuZ detachable CLD 3D filter

3D International and ThreeD Holograms have announced the launch of VisuZ CLD – a detachable chromatic light detector and optical element that advances the brightness, clarity, and improved transitioned viewing angle of displayed 3D images without wearing any glasses. It can be used in Arcade Gaming, Digital Signage, Casino displays, Consumer Gaming, Medical, Architectural and Education markets. The CLD represents a middleware that plugs between an application and the graphics. It is available for the first time in a detachable filter, so that the user can switch between 2D and 3D by simply lifting the filter that is secured to the LCD/LED screen with a magnet. CLD enables consistent high quality images over an extended time, as it is able to absorb heat without changing its optical properties.

3D International and Three D Holograms today also launched a software-based product, called Intersoft3D, which can be used as a product configurator. This product was developed by Dragonsoft research, in association with 3D International. Intersoft3D enables a customer to experience a product on a Tablet PC, thus enriching the buying experience whilst making a purchase. The functionality of this product is based on an auto-stereoscopic display (40 inch, 21.5 or other sizes) with a user or a sales person standing at a definite distance using a touch terminal (e.g. Android tab) to manipulate the 3D model on 3D display.

For e.g. if Intersoft3D is deployed at a car showroom, a customer could swap colours, alloy wheels and rotate the vehicle in a 360 degrees view remotely on a Tablet PC and preview it in real-time on a 3D Display. This customization is also available for a number of other key industries and helps the customer browse through all options in one touch. Intersoft3D enables companies to be innovative in providing digital presentations of their products. This delivers a completely unique and cost effective method of marketing and sales activities in exciting new ways. The presentation software contains all the necessary information and data for specific use and it runs on a local computer that exchanges data with the touch terminal and the 3D display. The software will render the data based on OpenGL or DirectX for proper 3D integration.

Commenting on the launch in India Mr. Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Manaf – Executive Chairman of 3D International  says “We are now seeing some increased traction with some large customers and prospects for the gaming industry worldwide. “Used in conjunction with our VisuZ™ Game Driver, the VisuZ™ CLD product line is the new standard for viewing movies and playing games in 3D effortlessly and we are extremely happy to be able to bring this technology to India.

Also, commenting on the launch Mr. Dayal Thakkar, Managing Director ThreeD Holograms says “What began as a dream is now a reality, this is a complete solution that will make video games more fun with the real time 3D effects provided by the display and the supplied game drivers. The product provides a cost effective and easy to use solution that will make gaming consumers jump with joy in playing their favourite games in glasses free 3D.”

The VisuZ CLD is available, and can be retrofitted into a number of popular screens. This will dispense with the need for customers to acquire a second screen for 3D. Future implementations will be available at varying sizes, making VisuZ affordable and easy to install. The VisuZ CLD displays its applications on multiple views and does not require head tracking applications that allow only one person to watch at a time, in a brightly lit environment(s). More information about VisuZ is available here.

Source: VisuZ

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