Saturday, December 2, 2023

Digital menus a new technology that is imposed for fast food places

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Screen Media Group, interactive agency, is imposed with its latest release of Digital Menus, an innovative new way to show customers and consumers a menu of digital and dynamic way through multimedia graphicWith offices in Caracas, Miami, Mexico City and Latin America, Screen Media Group already has 14 years in the Venezuelan market, positioned as one of the 15 companies in the top 100 of the Hightech, IT Manager Venezuela. It also has developed over 500 websites, interactive games and touch applications, a Digital Signage in Signage Software version. With this support, Screen Media Group launches Digital Menu Boards, the newest, attractive and innovative way to present the products to users.

With this proposal, the assistants enjoy a demonstration of how this innovative service, based on a content management software has the versatility to adapt to customer requirements.

Digital Menus have become the last word in the evolution of menu boards, since they incorporate digital technology with high-resolution displays for deploying the full menu and messages that can be changed an unlimited number of times, ensuring that the final consumer is exposed to a whole range of promotions and messages.

In this sense, Neron Meiler, Director of Screen Media Group, emphasized the benefits that the digital menu, including “(they) are an effective and profitable solution, since it eliminates printing costs, allows instantly promotions, organize information by time and conveys a sense of customer innovation.” Another commented was that “the design and programming are made with photos and video of brand products, a person can see the smoke from a grill or feel how Syrop falls on an ice cream and get mouth watering at the time of purchase. The content update for 1 or 100 stations are an immediately effective and centralized manner.”

With Digital Menus the technology comes to the culinary world in Venezuela, to optimize the response time to customers and save time in service processes. This way of presenting the products is very attractive to users because it is the perfect way to display images of the various dishes offered and their costs.

“Digital Menus or Menu Boards are the easiest and practical manner to present the menu options and also allow the restaurant to change it immediately by programming the same subject to availability, whether for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner” said Neron Meiler.

The digital menu operation is done through software that manages all the content you see on the screen. We can say that, the benefits of this technological service are the effective and profitable solutions in the long term, because it eliminates printing costs, conveys an idea of innovation, management software and controlled remotely update content, easy to use in Spanish, with a friendly interface, design and digital programming menu with images of the brand and its products, management option from the menu directly in the agency and service and support via email or on site.

This solution is coming massively through the integration of hardware, software and advice for getting a proper start on this client experience with half of the costs of previous years.s

Digital innovation came to the table of the labor SCREEN MEDIA GROUP. Follow them through their website, on Twitter @ smginteractivo and its Facebook

Source: Screen Media Group


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