Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Signagelive and PlayNetwork join forces to offer in-venue media hub

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Until now, content on digital signage screens has consisted of displaying images, videos and graphics, with audio being embedded into the video content or being operated through another platform. What it has not been possible to do so far is for in-store audio and visual content to aligned through a single platform enabling brands to offer engaging and interactive in-store audio and video media experiences. Cloud-based digital signage provider Signagelive has teamed up with PlayNetwork to bring to the market a unique software solution media hub, that aligns audio and visual content and can be used on any player, including a simple Windows PC.

Dharmendra Patel, PlayNetwork Managing Director EMEA says:

“We are opening up a new avenue for brands by integrating audio and video content through a single platform. We have known Signagelive for many years and we know they have a strong digital signage platform. PlayNetwork has a strong audio distribution platform together with an outstanding content library and our joint venture partnership will allow us to offer a combined single platform solution that has so far not been available in this market.”

PlayNetwork produces media experiences for brands. The company creates customised audio and video content, plus a full design, installation and support service for audio and digital.

“Audio and video have historically been treated as two different media channels,” explains Jason Cremins, Signagelive CEO, “by working together with PlayNetwork, we have managed to create a solution that synchronises the audio with the visual content. The digital signage displays could be playing general content and ambient music then, at a set time, an ad might be triggered by the system. The combination of our software makes it possible to match the audio with the relevant video content. The same can be applied to artist’s promotional videos or service offers from the retailer. The applications for this kind of media hub are many, from leisure and hospitality to retail.”

Signagelive and PlayNetwork have been integrated to co-exist on the same platform to offer brands standard content bundles that they can use on their digital signage networks. With the audio and video working in synergy allows brands to get creative by developing interactive in-store campaigns enabling brands to engage with their customers through their mobile devices.

Signagelive is working with Insteo to provide custom, on-screen and on-mobile apps. Insteo has an dynamic digital signage proposition enabling screen and audio content to be combined with social networks creating a customised experience.

Cremins says: “With this new proposition we are able to offer dynamic social media and mobile content linked to the music or audio cues. Customers might be watching and listening to a video clip of a particular artist and, if they are keen to find out more, they will be able to see on the screen the social media content related to it. They will also have the choice to scan a QR code, purchase the music on their mobile and share their experiences on their own social network.”

The media hub solution is being launched at Screen Media Expo in London where visitors can see the solution in action.

The PlayNetwork and Signagelive media hub (inclusive of content) is available from £40 per month.

About Signagelive

Based in Saffron Walden, UK, Signagelive is a private company and a world leader in cloud-powered media delivery solutions, providing a platform that runs even the largest retail networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively. Signagelive customers are assured of solutions that are relentlessly current, nimble, well supported, open, easy to use, and truly affordable. Signagelive wins awards and repeat customers by leading the sector in the adoption of new technologies and standards like SMIL, HTML5, Media RSS, social media and mobile, and extending the medium to corporate desktops and IPTV.

For further information contact:

Jason Cremins
direct: +44 (0) 1799 533 471
mobile: +44 (0) 7966 279 018
office: +44 (0) 845 458 3705
email: jason [at]

Or visit:

About PlayNetwork

Founded in 1996, PlayNetwork’s unique blend of content and delivery is currently playing in more than 70,000 businesses, in 70 countries, reaching over 23 million people every day. The company is chosen by the worlds leading businesses to communicate their brand values, develop multimedia strategies and build relationships.

Sourcing and developing original material is a critical part of the process, which enables PlayNetwork to design and create experiences that are consistent and sympathetic with the client’s product.


About Insteo 

Insteo was founded out of a boutique marketing agency, which began developing software to meet client demands. Initially, Insteo launched the On-Demand system, to provide a “Company Store” for marketing and promotional materials. Subsequently, Insteo completed the Editor system, for dynamic client managed websites and the Display system for digital signage. Insteo combines creative, marketing and software development talents to create software that solves a range of customer marketing challenges – from keeping digital signage content fresh and engaging to developing custom designed websites.

Source: signagelive

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