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UIEvolution Acquires Assets from Splat Interactive, Accelerating Services for the SmartTV Market

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UIEvolution logoMedia Refinery Content Management System to Drive Growth In Consumer Media, Hospitality and Digital Signage Markets

UIEvolution, Inc., a global leader in connected services for mobile, tablet, TV and automotive applications, announced today the acquisition of a rich media Content Management System (CMS) and related applications from Splat Interactive that will allow the company to accelerate its leadership in connecting users to multiple screens via high quality, deeply sophisticated applications and experiences.

The Connected TV Marketing Association (CTVMA) estimates that in 2014, 123 million connected TVs will be sold worldwide. Recent statistics show 38% of households in the US have at least one television connected online. This is only the beginning. As these markets mature, consumers will expect that the applications they have come to love in mobile and the Internet will be available to them directly through their Smart TV.

“We are really at the beginning of a new era of connected devices where consumers will demand access to their content and services – on any device, at any time.” said Chris Ruff, President and CEO of UIEvolution. “The Smart TV is going to be one of the next great frontiers of consumer applications and services as users continue to ‘cut the cord’ from traditional media.”

UIEvolution has lead the way for over a decade in providing an exceptional consumer experience on all platforms including mobile, tablets, connected set-top boxes, personal media devices and even automobiles. Splat’s Media Refinery CMS product, when combined with UIEvolution’s market leading UIEngine™ and UIEMagnify™ User Experience Management System, will create a complete solution for not only the Smart TV platforms but also mobile, auto and future connected device applications.

“UIEvolution is committed to delivering a dynamic, fast and intuitive user experience that allows our customers to differentiate their brand and applications.” said Chris Ruff. “Splat Interactive has developed a powerful content management system that will give us the ability to deliver the right video-rich content in an optimized way to Smart TV’s and beyond.”

“The Smart TV marketplace is experiencing exciting growth,” said Tom Freeman, CEO of Splat Interactive. “UIEvolution is a leader in connected devices and has the commitment, team, vision and resources to finish what we started in the Smart TV marketplace.”

The Smart TV will play a powerful role in reshaping the experience for consumers in hotels and other hospitality venues. Recent statistics show that 90% of travelers carry a mobile device with them when they travel and 54% of travelers want to view images from their computer on the in-room television. Hotels, cruise lines and airlines are heavily geared toward guest expectations, and the use of in-room technology plays a high roll in this. UIEvolution’s existing products, when combined with Splat’s Media Refinery CMS, creates a sophisticated platform that allows companies in the hospitality vertical to provide new in-room experiences that will compliment guest’s existing mobile devices and exceed guest’s expectations around new entertainment and connectivity in their rooms. Users will be able to have access to their streaming video content, as well as social media, through this easy-to-use Smart TV application service.

This is just another step in UIEvolution’s commitment to both the Smart TV platform and hospitality markets. In April 2012, UIEvolution joined Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG), the industry organization committed to creating interoperable standards for the hospitality industry. Also, today, UIEvolution is announcing that it has joined the Connected TV Marketing Association (CTVMA), a global industry organization aimed to educate the industry on commercial opportunities for connected TV platforms.

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