June 6, 2023


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NRHA Research Shows BrightSign-Powered Digital Signage Increases Hardware Retail Sales up to 178.1 Percent

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Interactive Displays Produced Measurable ROI and Sales Uplift for the Same Products Compared to Stores without Digital Signage

BrightSign, LLC®, a trusted name in the digital signage industry, announced today that the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) has published the results of research comparing sales of specific products in stores that used digital signage for promotion vs. stores that did not. For the research, the NRHA teamed with BrightSign customer, Aubuchon Hardware, a large hardware retail chain with 130 stores in the Northeast.

The results of the NRHA test confirm that product sales increase when interactive digital signage is used. Aubuchon Hardware stores saw unit sales increase by 23 percent for interior paint, 45 percent for smoke detectors and a remarkable 178 percent for air filters in stores with BrightSign-powered digital signage promoting those product specials, compared to Aubuchon stores without digital signage.

Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO, will be discussing the findings of the NRHA/Aubuchon research in his seminar, “Increasing Sales with In-Store Digital Signage,” at the Rethink Retail Conference held during the upcoming National Hardware Show® at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Tuesday, May 1, at 11-11:50 A.M. and Wednesday, May 2, at 2-2:50 P.M.

“The information we’ve received shows every hardware retail location using our BrightSign players reported significant sales lift,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO. “The hardware store trials clearly support the fact that highly visible product information with moving graphics and streaming content creates a measurable ROI for store management. When you see such a substantial increase in sales of paint and air filters, certainly not what you would consider impulse buys, the impact of digital signage over printed signs becomes obvious,” he emphasized.

For the test, Aubuchon placed endcap digital signage displays powered by BrightSign players in six stores and ran interactive presentations produced by the NRHA for one month. The sales results were then compared to six other stores in the chain that historically had similar sales for the products tested.

Unlike the many static and looping endcap signs that focus solely on price and savings, the test displays also informed shoppers about the benefits of using the product in their homes. Shoppers who wanted more information on the product could press a button located on the display to play a short project-oriented, how-to video.

The BrightSign HD digital signage players that were used to drive the Aubuchon interactive displays were Full HD, solid-state players that make it easy to add interactivity. Using the BrightAuthor software included with all BrightSign players, visual-based interactive playlists can easily be created to trigger content playback from buttons and touch screens.

Priced significantly lower than PC-based solutions, solid-state players cost less to operate since they only require 5-7 watts of power, compared to 70-90 watts for an average PC. They also completely eliminate PC issues such as high maintenance costs, system crashes, and mandatory software/virus updates. And with no moving parts to fail, solid-state players built solely for digital signage deliver increased reliability.

With the complete, ready-to-use BrightSign digital signage solution, including hardware, software and networking capabilities, installation costs are significantly lower as well. This all-in-one approach also eliminates hardware/software compatibility issues and software licensing fees.

BrightSign is now shipping two new interactive, solid-state digital signage controllers as part of its new line of solutions that is more affordable, compact and media friendly than ever before. Offering Full HD playback, the new players include the HD120, a basic interactive model with simple button interactivity and the HD1020, a networked interactive player with advanced interactivity supporting USB, serial, touch screens and mobile devices. BrightSign also offers the HD220, a networked looping player, and the HD1010w, a Wi-Fi enabled interactive player.

Availability, Pricing
The new BrightSign HD product line of interactive and network-enabled players are available from the BrightSign Store with prices ranging from US$250.00 for the HD120 Basic Interactive Model to US$500.00 for the HD1020 Networked Interactive Model. The HD1010w Wi-Fi enabled Interactive Model is priced at US$700.00. Distributor pricing is available upon request. Backed by a one-year warranty, the players include BrightAuthor, a PC software application that simplifies creating, publishing, managing and monitoring digital signage displays, and the networked players include a variety of networking options.

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